How To Minimize CPU Usage in WordPress

There are a few ways you can try to minimize CPU usage in WordPress:

1. Optimize your website’s code and reduce the number of HTTP requests it makes. This can be done by combining and minifying JavaScript and CSS files, and optimizing images.

2. Use a caching plugin to cache your website’s pages and posts. This can significantly reduce the load on your server by reducing the number of PHP requests that need to be processed.

3. Use a content delivery network (CDN) to offload static files, such as images, to a network of servers around the world. This can reduce the load on your server and improve website performance for users.

4. Optimize your database by regularly cleaning it up and removing unnecessary data.

5. Use a lightweight theme that is optimized for performance. Avoid using themes with lots of features and unnecessary code.

6. Limit the number of plugins you use on your website. Each plugin can add additional load to your server, so only use the ones that are absolutely necessary.

7. Consider upgrading your hosting plan to one with more resources, such as more CPU and memory, if your website is receiving a lot of traffic.

If you continue to experience high CPU usage, it may be worth considering hiring a WordPress developer to help identify and fix any issues with your website.

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