How to Fix Error 404 on Your WordPress Site

There are a few different ways you can try to fix a 404 error on a WordPress site. Here are a few things you can try:

1. Check the permalink settings:

Sometimes the 404 error can occur if the permalink settings in your WordPress site are not configured correctly. To fix this, go to Settings > Permalinks in your WordPress dashboard and make sure the permalink structure is set to the correct option.

2. Check for broken links:

Another common cause of 404 errors is broken links. You can use a plugin like Broken Link Checker to scan your site for broken links and fix any that are found.

3. Check the .htaccess file:

The .htaccess file controls how Apache serves your site’s pages, and a mistake in this file can cause a 404 error. You can check the .htaccess file by accessing it through your hosting control panel or FTP client.

4. Clear your cache:

If you have a caching plugin installed on your WordPress site, it’s possible that the 404 error is being caused by a cached version of the page. Try clearing your cache to see if this fixes the problem.

5. Deactivate plugins:

If none of the above solutions work, it’s possible that a plugin is causing the 404 error. Try deactivating all of your plugins and then reactivating them one by one to see if any of them are causing the issue.

6. Re-upload WordPress core files:

If all else fails, you can try re-uploading the WordPress core files. This can be done by downloading a fresh copy of WordPress and replacing the core files on your site via FTP.

I hope these suggestions help! If you’re still having trouble fixing the 404 error, you may want to consult with your hosting provider or a WordPress developer for further assistance.

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