How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress

There are a few ways to fix broken links in WordPress:

1. Use a plugin: There are several plugins available for WordPress that can help you find and fix broken links on your website. Some popular options include Broken Link Checker and Dead Link Checker.

2. Manually check your website: You can manually check your website for broken links by navigating through your pages and clicking on each link to see if it is working.

3. Check your website’s log files: Your website’s log files can contain information about broken links, and you can use this information to fix them.

4. Redirect broken links: If a page or post has been removed or moved, you can use a plugin like Redirection to redirect the broken link to a new page.

5. Check external links: If the broken links are external links pointing to other website, the best thing you could do is to contact the owner of the external website to ask them to fix their link, or update your own link with a new one.

It’s important to regularly check your website for broken links to ensure that your visitors have a positive experience and to maintain the integrity of your website’s structure.

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