Your Website Looks Great. So Should Your Emails.

A Brand New Design For Subscriber Emails

We recently updated the design of the emails that go out to your subscribers when a new post is published on your site. With this fresh design, we focused on modernizing the default email templates that come from Jetpack.

A Clean Look Focused on Your Content

Design can have a significant impact on engagement.

With the new emails, your subscribers will get a modern looking email when they subscribe, receive a welcome email, and whenever a new post is published. With the updated designs, your content comes first, and looks great on any device.

1. Confirmation Email

When a visitor subscribes to your site, the first email they’ll receive will ask them to confirm their subscription. This helps ensure that the person subscribing is the owner of the email address shared.

To personalize that message, you can edit the message that gets sent out. Just head to: Settings → Reading → Follower settings → “Blog follow email text”, and you’re all set.

2. Welcome Email

Once your subscriber has confirmed their subscription, they’ll receive a welcome email. This one’s really important.

It turns out that the average open rate of welcome emails is 82% (GetResponse, 2017). So, for every 100 emails sent, 82 people will open them. Compare that with the average email open rate of just 21%, and it’s easy to see how making a great first impression really matters.

3. New Subscriber Email

When your new subscriber gets their welcome email, you’ll also receive a new subscriber email. So you can celebrate.

4. New Post Updates

Now your subscriber’s all set, they’ll get a fresh new email every time a new post is added to your website. That’s one more reminder that you’re out there and publishing. And one more reason to keep coming back for more.

Getting Started

Email is one of the most efficient ways to reach your site visitors, with 4.3 Billion users around the world forecast for this year alone (Statista, 2021). 

With Jetpack, tapping into that huge audience is as simple as adding a block to your site. Check out our support guide for the subscribe block to walk you through how to get that up and running.

Adding the block makes it only a couple-of-clicks for your site visitors to subscribe to your content. 

And once they’ve subscribed, they’ll receive all of your latest updates – with the new, fresh design – direct to their inbox.

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