What is Call to Action and are the Best Ways to Use It?

Less than 25% of online businesses are happy with their conversion rate. Optimizing conversion rate is the first step these businesses do to get better feedback from their visitors. In this article we tend to explain about what is a call to action and how to use it.

One of the main steps of optimizing conversion rate is using elements known as a call to action. Call to action or CTA for short is actually a concept in marketing, by which you can invite users to do something related to your business. Ultimately, they will get involved in your brand, products or services.

Call to action could be a sentence, paragraph, image, text or a simple clickable button placed on your web page(s). Call to actions usually come with a link and by clicking on them users will be redirected to a page that the business owner wants them to see. CTA can also redirect you to a landing page, sales page, blog, sign up, newsletter and etc. In this article, we will discuss how important is CTA.

What is call to action? Why is it important in marketing?

what is call to action

According to statistics, when visitors enter a new website the first thing they notice is images. However, only 3% of website visitors click on links, purchase and etc. the rest will just view your website.

Usually, visitors leave a website after 8 seconds of their initial visit and 96% of visitors don’t make any purchase.

Therefore, call to action can’t magically increase your conversion rate but choosing the right CTA sure can help you convert visitors to customers.

Examples of Call-to-Action

Although there are many call to action, you shouldn’t over-use them. After some time your website will get more advanced and you will have to use a different type of call to actions. Below are some important examples of call to actions. Study them and find a way to use them on your website.

More info on a product or project

At the top of a product’s page or blog, you could show some of the information to the user. First, you need to attract your visitors with a few paragraphs and then ask them to view more by using CTA.

This type of CTA will allow you to have more products on your pages and it surely sends more traffic to your posts and product’s page. Therefore, users may click on read more rather than going back to the homepage.

Purchase button and add to cart button

Purchase is definitely one of the important call to actions in an online store. Therefore, make sure it is easy to use.

Add to cart is also one of the useful call to actions. Because users need to click on that before finalizing their purchase.

If a user clicks on add to cart and doesn’t continue, you will have an open cart on your hand. You will need to make sure the process of purchasing an item from your website is very simple and easy.

Submit button and Fill the form button

Most call to actions are used after filling out a form to gather information from visitors. With this CTA you ask your visitors to sign up for your newsletter, enter their credit card information, and/or submit their review. They will probably get redirected to a landing page after filling out this information.

Before getting redirected to a landing page, they will have to take care of two steps. First, complete the form and click on a key to lock in their information in your database. Second, they should see an exciting call to action after getting redirected to a landing page, this will help you with your conversion rate.

Sign up for newsletter or other free services

On average, only 2% of your website’s traffic will turn into customers. Therefore, you must actively look for ways to encourage your visitors to make a purchase.

The best way is to keep your contact with your visitors. Ask them to enter their email. You can ask for other information later. Having a list of emails is very valuable. Marketing manager of Unbounce, Corey Dilley said in an interview with Campaign Monitor: “Having an email list for Unbounce was our biggest asset in having more sales.”

You can use sign up for newsletter CTA anywhere on your web page, it totally depends on your website’s design. If a user fills out a long form, he expects you to get back to him. But if users sign up for your newsletter, they expect to see new emails on a weekly basis.

These emails could be a montage of your week. It’s best to announce what would happen after they sign up for your newsletter. By doing so you assure your visitor that you won’t be selling their email or spam them.

Contact Us

If your main goal is to get in touch with your potential customers, it’s highly recommended that you leave your phone number somewhere on your website.

You have multiple ways of doing so. In a responsive design, you can place your phone number underneath your logo.

Even if your visitors don’t click on it or contact you, it assures them that you are indeed a real business and they can contact you if anything goes wrong with their purchase. For local customers, you have to use local phone numbers to gain their trusts.

Share Buttons

One of the popular call to action is encouraging your visitors to share your posts on social media platforms. Having this CTA allows you to reach more traffic and potential customers. Therefore, make sure you place your “Share to social media” button somewhere visible on your website.

what is call to action

Having an online community is the key to success in today’s world.


Call to action is a small word yet it has so many meanings and examples. But the way to reach new customers is by using call to action. Thus, carefully choose your messages and buttons and display them in an exciting way. Don’t forget, the main goal of a website is to redirect visitors to a place you want them to go.

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