Should You Use Jetpack for WordPress Security?

Your website is the heart of your online presence — a place to establish your brand, build trust with your customers, and convert new visitors to clients. As an essential part of your business model, it’s critical to protect that asset with a top-tier security plugin. 

There are several WordPress plugins that provide various levels of security and offer different kinds of protection. Give yourself optimal peace of mind and keep your business running smoothly by choosing a well-designed, comprehensive, integrated security plugin for your WordPress website: Jetpack.

It’s packed full of helpful features 

Hackers can be crafty and have many different ways of damaging your website, from limiting its performance to injecting malicious links to taking it offline altogether.

You’ll want a security plugin that can monitor and watch for a variety of possible violations and vulnerabilities, and report any problems to you right away. Jetpack Security provides protection in all these ways:

  • Real-time backups. Make sure your files, posts, bookings, and sales information are stored safely offline in real-time so no data is lost. Should any problem occur, backups can be restored with the click of a button.
  • Protection from brute force attacks. Keep back-end access secure by stopping attempts to crack passwords or create new accounts.
  • 24/7 downtime monitoring. Get alerted the minute your site stops loading, so any issues can be resolved right away.
  • Malware scanning and repair. Suspect a problem? Scan your site for issues and repair the majority of them with one click.
  • Activity logs. Pinpoint the moment things went wrong, along with any affected files, with up-to-the-minute logs of all website activity and access.
  • Spam protection. Stop comments and select form submissions from going through if they contain malicious links that might redirect your customers to phishing sites.

Having all these features built into a single plugin leads to better speed performance and efficiency on your site.

No complicated connections: it just works

Because Jetpack Security offers all the features you need in a single plugin, everything works together seamlessly.

Jetpack scan searching a site for malware

For example, you might get an alert from Jetpack downtime monitoring that your site is no longer responding. From your common interface, you’ll be able to:

  • Use Jetpack Scan to see if there’s any malware on your site.
  • Use the activity log to spot affected files and see exactly when the problem was introduced.
  • Use Jetpack Backup to restore a clean version of your site.
  • Scan again to make sure all errors are resolved.

You can do all of this in just a few steps from the same location. And when you’re in the middle of a stressful situation like a website hack, you want all the time and peace of mind you can get!

Access your site, even when it’s down

What if your site is completely destroyed by hackers? Although Jetpack Security provides protection to help prevent that from happening, it’s still a remote possibility. Should a malicious party gain access to your files, they can be damaged or even deleted, so access to the WordPress backend is completely gone.

In this case, Jetpack Security can be your saving grace. Since Jetpack stores your backups completely separately from your site and hosting provider, you can still access and restore them when your site is down. Now that’s peace of mind!

It has an easy-to-use interface

Other security plugins can help protect your site or warn you of problems. But when it comes to fixing issues, things can get technical.

Jetpack Security provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your site and fixing any problems. There’s no need for you to understand code or hire a developer. Use the same style of dashboard that you’re used to — with the same menus and options you know and are familiar with — to access your site’s security, scanning, and logging functionality. Click links and push buttons to scan and restore your site, instead of having to upload files and pick through code.

A simple interface means you can manage your site yourself, restore it stress-free, and understand the features and functionality without wasting time learning unnecessary technical skills.

An all-in-one WordPress security solution

Lastly, if you ever run into trouble using Jetpack, the team provides the best support available. Their experts know WordPress inside and out and are well versed in all areas of website security.

It all adds up to an integrated system that will support your website, keep it safe, and bring you peace of mind. A site that stays up and secure is one that protects your brand, reputation, and income. Make it easy with the best WordPress security plugin.

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