Jetpack 9.5: Level up your site with custom recommendations

We’ve got quite the release for you this month! Jetpack 9.5 provides personal recommendations for your site, improves your findability with free SEO tools, and gives your visitors a better search experience. Bonus: the WordPress mobile app was recently updated and now includes Jetpack tools helping you to protect your site from anywhere. Let’s get to it!

Better recommendations for your site

The all-new Jetpack Assistant has arrived to make recommendations tailored to your website. 

We listened to your feedback and in Jetpack 7.5 we reduced the number of features that Jetpack turns on by default. This allows us to recommend the features that make the most sense for your website. The Assistant will show in the onboarding flow for sites connecting to Jetpack for the first time. Sites with Jetpack already connected can find it in their admin by going to Jetpack -> Recommendations.

In the future, we will update the Jetpack Assistant to introduce you to new features that will further secure, speed up, and help you grow your following.

SEO Tools are now free

We’re happy to announce that Jetpack’s SEO tools are now free for everyone.

  • Customize how your page titles are displayed in search engines, social media, and browser tabs
  • Create a meta description for your front page to improve your search engine ranking
  • Create social previews to see what your post or page will look like on social media before you publish
Social previews part of Jetpack SEO tools

Search in style

We’ve updated the visuals of Jetpack Search. Your site visitors will enjoy a sharper, more up-to-date interface that allows them to easily search, sort, filter, and browse results on any device.

  • Jetpack Search new display in light mode
  • Jetpack Search new display in dark mode

Ready for WordPress 5.7

We’ve been busy preparing Jetpack to be compatible with the upcoming version of WordPress, version 5.7, scheduled to be released on March 9, 2021.

We recommend updating now to benefit from all the recent improvements and bug fixes in Jetpack and in WordPress! Jetpack 9.5 requires WordPress 5.6 or above, so it’s also a great time to make sure your version of WordPress is up to date.

Jetpack Security wherever you go

As part of the latest WordPress mobile app updates for iOS and Android, Jetpack Security features are now available from anywhere.

Did your site go down and you’re away from your desk? No problem! Restore it in one click with Jetpack Backup.

Check for any vulnerabilities and let us fix most threats immediately with Jetpack Scan.

If you haven’t used the WordPress mobile app yet, or haven’t used it in awhile, take a look at how it can improve your workflow.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release:

Adrian Moldovan, Alex Forcier, Allison Levine, Andrew Serong, Andrija Vučinić, Andy Peatling, Aurorum, Brad Jorsch, Brandon Kraft, Chris Rosser, Christopher Allford, Collyn Philleo, Damián Suárez, Dan Roundhill, Daniel Walmsley, Eric Binnion, Foteini Giannaropoulou, Glen Davies, Grant Kinney, Harris Papazolgou, Jaroslav Polakovič, Jason Moon, Jeff Golenski, Jeremy Herve, Kim Brown, Kirk Wight, Konstantin Obenland, Leo Germani, Mario Zorz, Matt Wiebe, Matthew Denton, Michael P. Pfeiffer, Miguel Torres, Paul Bunkham, Robert Franklin, Rosalind Wills, Sami Falah, Sergey Mitroshin, Staci Cooper, Steve Dixon, Sérgio Gomes, Tom Cafferkey, Yan Sern, Yaroslav Kukharuk.

This release also includes many other bug fixes and improvements — check the changelog for more details. To use the latest version of Jetpack on your site, update your existing installation or install Jetpack.

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