Jetpack 9.3: Happy New Year from Jetpack

It’s been a hard year for many of us, so we are excited to turn the page and move forward with renewed optimism into 2021. On behalf of the Jetpack team, we hope you and your business or hobby have a great year filled with success.

This has been a busy cycle for updates behind the scenes, improving site stability and optimizing performance of some of your favorite blocks:

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release:

Addison Stavlo, Alex Kirk, Andrei Demian, Andy Peatling, Ben Dwyer, Bernie Reiter, Biser Perchinkov, Brad Jorsch, Brandon Kraft, Case Silva, Chris Rosser, Christopher Allford, Damián Suárez, Dan Roundhill, Darren, Gary Jones, Gary Pendergast, George Stephanis, Glen Davies, Harris Papazolgou, Jason Moon, Jeremy Herve, Kim Brown, Konstantin Obenland, Leo Germani, Marek Hrabe, Mario Zorz, Matthew Denton, Michael Cain, Michael P. Pfeiffer, Miguel Torres, Paul Bunkham, Prappo Prince, Renzo Canepa, Robert Felty, Robert Franklin, Sergey Mitroshin, Sérgio Gomes, Staci Cooper, Terence Eden, Tony Arcangelini, Yaroslav Kukharuk.

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