Is Jetpack Security Enough to Protect Your WordPress Website?

If you own or manage a website, security should be one of your top priorities. On a WordPress website, more plugins and extensions mean more opportunities for something to go wrong, and it’s your job to safeguard your hard work and your visitors’ personal information.

Protecting your website from threats doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need to juggle a handful of security plugins to be successful. Why? Because Jetpack is the complete WordPress security solution.

Unlike many other plugins, Jetpack takes care of multiple security tasks: free and paid features include everything from brute force attack prevention to downtime monitoring, backups, malware scanning, spam protection, and more. Each feature adds a key protective layer to your site. When they’re combined, you have a holistic WordPress security solution.

Free security features from Jetpack

Brute force attack protection

A brute force attack is when hackers use bots to guess username and password combinations until they find the right one. Since they use large networks of computers, they can try thousands of passwords a second.

Jetpack brute force protection widget

Brute force attacks not only give hackers access to your website, they can slow down your site (or bring it down completely) if the number of bots making login requests in a short period of time overwhelm your servers.

Jetpack’s free brute force attack protection feature blocks unwanted login attempts from malicious IPs before they reach your site. You can enable it with a single click.

Downtime monitoring

Downtime happens for a number of reasons; the most common are traffic spikes, improper server configuration, slow servers, plugin or theme updates, and hacker activity.

Jetpack downtime monitoring visits your website from locations around the world and sends you an instant alert if it goes down. Why is this helpful? You can’t fix an issue you don’t know about! If your website goes down for an extended period of time, you could lose traffic, sales — even search engine rankings. With downtime monitoring, you’ll know about problems right away so you can solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Secure authentication

Secure authentication adds an extra level of security to your login page by requiring more than just a username and password. When you log into your site, Jetpack will send a code to your phone that you’ll need to enter to access your dashboard. This means that, for a hacker to get in, they would have to know your username and password and physically have your mobile device — an unlikely combination.

Automatic plugin updates

Plugin updates usually include new features and functionality, along with fixes for bugs and security loopholes that hackers could take advantage of. But it can be difficult to maintain and manage all of your plugins, especially if you don’t log into your website on a regular basis.

Jetpack automatic plugin updates

Turn on Jetpack auto-updates to put your mind at ease. You’ll always have the latest and greatest version of your plugins, automatically.

Premium security features from Jetpack

The more work you put into your website, the more important it is to protect it. This is especially true for online stores, and for any site with regular visitors and lots of content.

The free security features included with Jetpack are beneficial for any website. To add more, a small investment in a paid plan provides a complete protection package that keeps your files, information, and customer data safe. 

Automated backups  

If your site breaks for any reason — a hacker, a plugin conflict, a misplaced line of code — a full backup will be invaluable. Imagine losing all of your hard work, the money you’ve invested, and your customers’ or users’ data. Backups are smart website management, and peace of mind.

But not all backup solutions are created equal. Choose something that’s:

  • Automated, so you don’t need to manually create backups, or even remember to do it.
  • Secure, so your backups are protected and always available.
  • Easy to set up, especially if you’re not familiar with coding or server management.
  • Fast to restore, so you can get your site running again as quickly as possible.
Automatic website backups from Jetpack

Jetpack Backup offers all of this and more in two formats: daily and real-time.

Daily backups automatically happen once a day and are a great solution for restaurants, blogs, and other websites that aren’t updated more than once every 24 hours.

Real-time backups happen automatically as you work, so you have an up-to-the-minute record of your website — every change is backed up as you make it. They’re perfect for online stores, membership sites, forums, and any website that’s updated on a regular basis. 

Regardless of the option you choose, you can trust that your website is backed up and can be restored in a few clicks if you ever need it. Jetpack Backup is included in all paid plans, or can be purchased separately.

Automated malware scanning and security fixes

If a hacker gains access to your website, they can plant a “backdoor” — a type of malware that allows them to access your site any time they want to steal data or insert malware or viruses without your knowledge. Malware compromises your reputation and puts your information and your customers’ data at risk.

That’s where Jetpack Scan comes into play. It runs automatic daily scans of your site code, checking for anything suspicious. The minute it detects a threat, you’ll get an email notification with detailed information about infected files.

Jetpack Scan scanning a WordPress site

And it gets better: Jetpack automatically fixes the majority of known threats. So not only will you know about problems right away, you probably won’t have to lift a finger to fix them.

Scan is included in all Jetpack Premium and Professional plans, or it can be purchased separately.

Automated spam filtering

Comment spam is annoying to manage. It can also hurt your search engine rankings, damage your reputation, and pose a security risk to your site visitors. 

Spam often comes in the form of irrelevant comments that include links to unreputable websites. With the right software, spammers can leave millions of comments — which quickly become unmanageable for a website owner.

Jetpack Anti-spam automatically filters comments, pingbacks, and contact form submissions for known spam, saving you hours of time. If you’re worried about real comments being marked as spam, you can review them and restore anything you’d like, or just set Jetpack to get rid of the worst comments so you never have to see them. 

Spam filtering is part of every paid Jetpack plan.

Priority support

What if you have questions, need help setting something up, or encounter a security issue that you can’t fix? Support is one of the most important considerations for security plugins. You want a team behind you that knows WordPress like the back of their hands.

Jetpack is maintained and supported by WordPress experts who truly care about you, your site, and your business — appropriately, they’re called Happiness Engineers. A free plans include high-quality email support, and paid plans offer faster, prioritized attention so you get the help you need right when you need it.

Get to know a few of the people available to help.

Know that your website is protected

Your site can never be too engaging, or too secure — customer information, sensitive data, hard work, and your reputation are all on the line. The Jetpack team is dedicated to giving you a complete website security solution that protects your site from all angles.

Jetpack’s free features cover your security basics. And for more, the cost of combining all of Jetpack’s security features, both free and paid, is a lot lower than the cost of rebuilding a compromised website. Don’t worry about hackers, malware, or spam: protect yourself.

Get started with Jetpack security.

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