How to Secure Your WooCommerce Store

When you’re running an online store, security is a top concern. After all, it’s not just your site content you have to protect — you also need to keep customer information and order data safe.

If you’re considering starting an online store, or if it already makes up part of your income, then it’s time to ensure that you’ve fully protected your business.

Why online shops require greater security

When you’re selling online, you’re dealing with a lot of sensitive data: personal names, credit card information, addresses, and more. An active shop collects new information all the time, so you have an ever-growing set of data that you must protect in real time.

Making sure your site has A+ security will ensure that you:

  • Protect your clients’ personal information from hackers and attackers, allowing customers to shop with confidence;
  • Protect your income stream from interruptions and lost sales;
  • Preserve all minute-to-minute sales data for proper tax and legal purposes;
  • Protect your brand and reputation as a business that can be trusted; and
  • Avoid costs related to rebuilding your business after a hack, like lost sales due to downtime, refunds due to orders that were placed but unfulfilled, and website repair costs.

To avoid lost income, top-level security is an absolute must.

How to identify a hack

A hack can take many forms, and you might not even realize your site has been compromised right away. Attacks might look like: 

  • New admin accounts that you didn’t create.
  • Spam links to malware in comments, product descriptions, or reviews.
  • Unusual alert boxes that appear on your site, or redirection to different websites when links are clicked.
  • Alerts from Google that your site has been flagged.
  • Customers receiving odd or unexpected emails, or not receiving any emails at all for valid purchases.
  • Very slow load times or timeout errors.

Most business owners are too busy working on inventory, marketing, or order fulfilment to be constantly monitoring their site for problems or hacks.

That’s why the first thing you should add to your online shop is downtime monitoring, which automatically checks that your site is up and running and alerts you if it’s not. This allows you to take action immediately to repair and restore your online shop. 

Jetpack Scan is another tool that automatically checks your site, this time for malware. You’ll get an alert if it finds anything wrong and it can even fix the majority of known threats with just one click. 

Jetpack Scan searching a site for malware

But it’s always best to stop hacks before they happen. You’ll sleep easier at night if you’ve checked all the boxes on the WooCommerce security checklist.

Jetpack Security Real-Time is one efficient, integrated, and industry-trusted option that takes care of security for you, including:

  • Real-time backups: Make sure that every order is saved as it happens in a secure, off-site location so it can be quickly recovered right away.
  • Real-time scanning: Be notified if any malware is found on your site, so you can take action immediately and minimize the impact to your business.
  • Anti-spam: Prevent people from adding malicious links in product reviews or blog comments.
  • Brute force attack protection: Block hacks before they happen by automatically detecting break-in attempts and closing off access to those users.
  • Downtime monitoring: Get notified the minute your website experiences an outage so you can check for problems as soon as possible.
  • Activity log: Track all activity on the site to help pinpoint the source of problems and clean up any issues with ease.

How to recover in a worst-case scenario

If your online store is hacked, and you have Jetpack Security, you’ll receive a notification so you can take care of the issue immediately. The fastest way to recover is with Jetpack Backup. In just a few clicks, your site can be up and running again with minimal downtime.

Then, use Jetpack Scan to ensure there’s no remaining malware on your site. Jetpack solves the majority of known threats for you, so if anything’s found, you most likely won’t need to worry about troubleshooting.

Finally, take the time to secure your site by changing all passwords and ensuring that your themes, plugins, and core files are up to date.

Need any help? Jetpack Security includes priority support from an experienced technical team who can point you in the right direction.

Keeping your WooCommerce store secure

Adding the right security plugins to your WooCommerce shop will ensure that your customers can shop with confidence and you won’t need to worry about your data or reputation. 

Combining Jetpack Security with WooCommerce just makes sense. They’re two established, respected WordPress plugins that work in sync to protect your website and add additional features. Together, they mean fewer moving parts, fewer external plugins, and greater peace of mind for you as a business owner. 

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