How to Add Shopify to WordPress with WP Shopify Plugin

Shopify is arguably one of the best e-commerce platforms of our time. WordPress, on the other hand, is the best content management system on the web. Link the formidable e-commerce functionality of Shopify with the powerful CMS features of WordPress via the WP Shopify plugin, and you get all the tools you need to build an online store that’s out of this world.

Or, wouldn’t it be awesome to sell your Shopify products on WordPress? In this review slash guide, we show you exactly how to setup the WP Shopify plugin so you can tap into the power of WordPress and Shopify like a boss.

The WP Shopify plugin helps you extend your Shopify store using native WordPress functionality. For example, the plugin allows you to take advantage of the wide range of WordPress themes and plugins to enhance your store. For a clearer picture, you can think of WordPress as the e-commerce front-end and Shopify the back-end.

With that preamble, let us discover why WP Shopify is the best way of integrating WordPress with Shopify. Sounds awesome, right? Great, let’s dance.

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