Hostinger is Partnering With The Google Cloud Platform

We are thrilled to present new packages powered by the Google Cloud Platform.

The online website space is becoming one of the most competitive verticals in the market which makes it increasingly difficult to gain an edge over your counterparts.

Our newfound partnership brings advancements to our infrastructure, more specifically to our cloud hosting packages.

Speed and reliable hosting infrastructure have never been more important and this is exactly why we’re introducing our new Cloud Global hosting plan.

What’s in It For You?

What can Cloud Global do to boost your online success? First and foremost, our new and upgraded cloud hosting plan provides all the services and features offered by our existing cloud hosting plans.

Elements like a dedicated IP address, free domain & SSL and unlimited bandwidth are the starting point for every cloud plan we offer.

Performance Increase – Better Stability and Speed

In short, this helps you to boost your online project, with unmatched capabilities in the speed, scalability, and storage departments. 16GB of RAM, up to 8 CPU cores per plan and up to 200GB of disk storage are features that can unlock the full potential of what you’re trying to achieve online.

To start things off, we’re rolling out these powerful servers in the US and UK. We are planning to introduce Google Cloud in up to 20 locations in the near future.

Uptime, server stability, website speed, and data storage are no longer hurdles stopping you from growing. With Cloud Global, the possibilities are endless.

Redundancy – Better Backups

The Google platform and infrastructure provide the ideal framework for reliable, long-lasting growth. Websites hosted on the Google Cloud Platform are safer in the form of equipment and data redundancies.

Since the Google platform is all cloud-based, we don’t have to rely on hardware redundancy – that’s handled by Google. If anything happens to a website, a new virtual machine can be activated in minutes to take the load.

This gives us a better ability to manage resources when it comes to the restoration of websites. In short, the platform lets us be more efficient in providing you with the best possible services.

Why Google Cloud Platform?

Choosing the Google Cloud Platform was a careful and calculated choice. The features outlined prior are the obvious advantages for you as a user but there’s a lot more that comes when partnering with Google.


The Google network ensures speed and better SEO results. Google has the largest and fastest global network and its traffic typically exceeds the speed of the public internet as well as being more secure.

Better for the Environment

Another benefit of us employing Google cloud services is maintaining sustainability. All the energy that is being used by Google’s data centers is matched with renewable energy. Making these servers completely carbon neutral.

There’s a Lot More to Come

Cloud Global is just another step in our efforts to provide the most efficient, practical and affordable hosting solutions in the market. Customer needs are always driving the Hostinger products as the customer is at the heart of what we do.

There’s a lot more coming your way that will make the hosting experience even more seamless, easy and meaningful. We will keep you posted.

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