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Getting analytical data from your visitors is very important and can help you better your website. One way to increase your website’s visitor count is by identifying the type of content they are looking for and providing it to them on a regular basis. But how would you ask them to what type of content they need?

You as a website owner should always keep your website up-to-date with the latest trends. On almost every social media platform that you go to, you will for sure see a like button. Since WordPress is the most popular website builder and due to its flexibility, you can simply add the like button to your website, so that your audience can give you feedback or even like you on different platforms.

Well, it is really simple, you just need to implement a voting system on your website so that they can vote for their favorite type of content. In this article, we would like to introduce the best WordPress Voting plugins for 2020.

In our previous article, we have introduce the best free WordPress voting plugins.

1. WP ULike – Free & Pro

best wordpress voting plugins

The first best WordPress voting plugin on our list is WP ULike, designed and developed by a passionate team of developers. This plugin is considered the best and fastest plugin to add like and dislike buttons to your WordPress website. WP ULike is a free plugin to add the basic WordPress like button. However, it also comes with a pro version that has way more features.

The pro version includes dislike voting, Elementor widgets, gorgeous looking templates, fast and complete supporting services, etc. WP ULike enables visitors to like or dislike posts, pictures, and even comments on your website.

In addition, it comes with full customization which allows you to create your own style for the dislike or like button. You can take advantage of the comprehensive statistics tools that come with the plugin to create more engaging content on the website.

The WP ULike plugin can be downloaded from the official WordPress website or directly from the WordPress Dashboard itself. Simply, go to your Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and search for WP ULike.

best wordpress voting plugins

Once the plugin is installed it will appear on the left-hand side menu. The plugin can be configured in 4 tabs General, Posts, Comments and Customize. In the General’s tab, you can change the text for both like and dislike buttons. Disable plugin files in chosen pages, etc.

In the Posts tab, you can choose from the 4 pre-designed like themes. Also, make sure the automatic display is checked, otherwise, the plugin won’t work. Furthermore, WP ULike gives you the option to enable or disable Google Rich Snippets.

The Comments tab is similar to the previous tab. The last tab allows you to fully customize the button itself. However, this is for more advanced users. Because you may need to add custom CSS code to it.

Finally, make sure to click on ‘Save Settings’ to save the changes.

WP ULike has a clean interface and compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Besides, it fully supports RTL and it’s already translated into multiple languages.

2. KK Star Ratings – Free

best wordpress voting plugins

KK Star Ratings comes with a sidebar widget that can highlight your content. This plugin can be easily configured from its settings and you can choose whether you want to display ratings on homepage, archives, pages or posts. In addition, it allows you to choose the placement of the ratings on your website pages.

KK Star Ratings default number of stars is 5. However, you can change this number and restrict the votes based on unique IP addresses. Also, it allows you to add tooltips and images that show up whenever it is hovered on. Most importantly, KK Star Ratings comes with the Google Rich Snippets feature. This means your ratings are more likely to show up on Google.

3. YOP Poll – Free

best wordpress voting plugins

YOP Poll is a tool that integrates a survey to your website’s posts and pages. In addition, the surveys can be displayed in the WordPress dashboard. Each poll comes with a unique ID that makes it easier to manage them and each result can be shared with your visitors/participants.

YOP Poll enables your visitors to vote multiple times. Also, it can be sorted, managed, and choose which results to display to your all of your visitors or keep it private. The plugin keeps track of all the previous records and allows you to pull up the information whenever it is needed. Most importantly, voting can be restricted to registered users or opened to anyone.

4. WP Voting Contest – Free

best wordpress voting plugins

WP Voting Contest plugin is suitable for websites that would like to run any kind of contest on their websites. This plugin is really easy to use and doesn’t require any programming knowledge to work with. For example, if you would like to run a photo contest on your website, it allows you to either upload your photos and has visitors vote for them or you can upload their work and have other people vote on the best one.

One of the amazing features of this plugin is the ability to have a few different contests at the same time without having any restrictions. The plugin can be easily downloaded and installed from the WordPress dashboard itself. Once it is installed, you can begin creating your first contest. The created contest comes with two pre-designed buttons, one for a vote now and the other to show results.

5. Post Voting – Pro

As the name of this plugin suggests, it is designed specifically to enable users to vote on your content without having any issues. The allows its users to configure the plugin whoever they see fit and suit their websites.

Post Voting is yet another WordPress voting plugins that gives you full control over the button color, text, alignment, etc. Besides, none of these configurations requires any programming knowledge to work with. In addition, you can choose whether you want guests to be able to vote on your posts or restrict voting to your registered users only. On a plus note, the plugin is fully translation ready and can be easily translated without any problems.

6. LikeBtn – Free

Like Button Rating is a great, useful and one of the best WordPress voting plugins that helps WordPress admins to add like and dislike button to their websites. This plugin comes with funky buttons that can make the website more appealing to your audience.

This is a free plugin, however, you need to have an account with and connect your website in order to fully activate the plugin.

Once the account is activated, you get a 7-day trial and as soon as the trial version is finished, the plugin goes back to using the free plan. To activate the plugin, follow the steps below.

1. From WordPress Dashboard click on Like Buttons.

2. In the Settings tab click on “Get Account Data” you will then get redirected to the registration page, simply sign up by choosing an email address and a password.

3. Enter your website’s domain.

4. Copy your API key & Site ID and paste them in the Settings tab of the plugin. Then, click on “Check Account Data”.

5. Click on “Save All Changes” and you’re set!

In the Buttons tab, you can choose a layout out of its 41 pre-designed themes and preview each of them. Besides, you can create your own like and dislike button by clicking on “Custom theme & image” right underneath the themes.

The Like Button Rating by LikeBtn allows you to fully customize the button and it even gives you statistics of total likes and dislike, which can be used to improve your content the way the visitors want.


In this article, we introduced the best WordPress voting plugins for 2020. These plugins can add a voting system to your website allowing your visitors or registered members to vote on your content. Having this information is very important. It will help you as the website owner to better understand what type of content your audience prefers the most.

If you have forgotten how to upload the best WordPress voting plugins on your website, read our previous article about uploading plugin zip file to WordPress.

Lastly, if you have any questions about any of the plugins introduced in this article, feel free to ask in the comment section down below.

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