20 Best WordPress Dentist Themes 🦷 2022

Are you planning to create a Dentist's website in 2022? To discover the best Dentist WordPress theme?

⚡ Do you want a quick response? Publisher theme is an advanced solution that combines flexibility, scalability, ease of use, and over 100 unique demos. It is highly customizable and scalable to meet a broad range of business needs.

For those who don't have much time or knowledge about WordPress, we compiled a detailed list of the best WordPress themes for Dentists that will save you time and effort. They are made to support the latest plugins and are mobile-friendly, too.

The topics are all meant for use in developing a Dentist's website. However, the template can also be used with a website related to Dental, Dental Clinic, Dental Blog, Dental Conference, Dental Office, Dental Practice, Medical, Healthcare, or Business.

So, we present the best WordPress themes that would suit Dentist-related sites by 2022:

DentiCare Theme

Dentist & Dental Tourism WordPress Theme

DentiCare is a WordPress theme tailored for dentist businesses such as dental tourism offices, dental practices, and dentist offices. It is ready-made with ready-made content, making it an excellent theme for dental offices.

This theme has been designed specifically for dentists and dental tourism practices. It includes four magnificent demonstrations, each with a unique design and carefully designed interior pages, making your website easy to use.

💵 For just $69, you can get all the advanced features of the DentiCare theme.

Key Features:

  • Ready for translation
  • One-page support service is available
  • Compatible with major browsers
  • A child theme is available
  • A native WordPress customizer is available
  • A responsive design is available

Random Reviews:

  • Although I am not familiar with WordPress, the Denticare theme is easy to use. But Customer Support is the best part of this experience. They are quick to respond and offer excellent solutions. I am delighted I purchased the theme!<
    kawinstongeMar 2022


Rating: 4.67 stars
Sales: 1,051
Price: $69
Last Updated: 18 May 2022

Dental Clinic Theme

Dentist WordPress Theme

The Dental Clinic theme is designed specifically for dentists. In addition to being suitable for dental care clinics, dental websites, dentistry, and medical websites, it also makes an excellent dental and medical website.

Using this theme, you can create websites for dentists, dental emergency service providers, dental braces, dental cosmetics, and dental emergency care providers.

This theme is pre-loaded with many plugins, making it easier for users to configure their sites using this theme immediately.

💵 The cost of this theme is $69.

Key Features:

  • A variety of plugins are available
  • Procedures are displayed in a unique manner
  • A responsive, retina-ready design is available
  • There is a doctor's information page
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • There are various shortcodes available

Random Reviews:

  • I appreciate the way they solve each of my problems and the speed with which they do it. Thank you, guys! Without you, nothing is worth it!
    millann83Dec 2019


Rating: 5.00 stars
Sales: 811
Price: $69
Last Updated: 22 April 2022

Dentalia Theme

Dentist & Medical WordPress Theme

The Dentalia theme, which is fully customizable, is ideal for dental professionals, healthcare providers, and companies offering medical services and is unlike any other theme on the market at the time of publication.

With this theme's help, you can create a beautiful website for your practice. There are unlimited color options available, and the theme has a fully responsive design and provides a page builder that is easy to use.

💵 The template comes with a complete set of instructions and 7/24/365 support, so you have no worries. Get it for $69!

Key Features:

  • A featured pages widget can be found
  • A variety of icon packs is available
  • A responsive video widget is available
  • You can choose from a variety of parallax backgrounds
  • A variety of section separators is available
  • More than 120 dental icons are included

Random Reviews:

  • I will buy this template again if a client falls into the category! Thank you Orion Themes! Cheers and thanks from Italy! E. P.
    pilloeriNov 2020
  • The theme is fantastic; I've been using it for almost two years and it's working for me perfectly. Moreover, the guys go above and beyond to provide outstanding support.
    dranastassovaApr 2021


Rating: 4.98 stars
Sales: 2,590
Price: $69
Last Updated: 26 May 2022

Dentario Theme

Dentist, Medical & Healthcare WordPress Theme

The Dentario WordPress theme is designed for dentists, medical, and health care professionals. With this theme, you can design projects related to hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, dental hospitals, stomatology, nursing homes, hospitals, and ambulance services.

Moreover, this theme is suitable for medical equipment stores, hospices, infirmaries, convalescent houses, and hospitals.

The theme is also an excellent solution for the healthcare and beauty industries, including dermatology, cosmetology, hair styling, nail care, cosmetic surgery, etc.

💵 This is an advanced template and costs $59

Key Features:

  • Developed using valid HTML5 and CSS3
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • A fresh and clean design can be found
  • A wide range of layout options is available
  • A slider is provided on the main menu
  • The Visual Composer is available

Random Reviews:

  • The theme that we recommend! Wishes to all of you!
    yogasitsolutionsMay 2019
  • A flexible, user-friendly platform with excellent customer service
    davgrossMay 2017


Rating: 4.64 stars
Sales: 954
Price: $59
Last Updated: 14 February 2022

iDent Theme

Dentist & Medical WordPress Theme

The iDent theme was designed for dentists and medical practitioners; however, it can also be used by other medical-related businesses.

The theme includes the WP Bakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider, WooCommerce integration, and an advanced administration panel.

Users can design unlimited layouts, choose from an infinite range of colors, and even create their own colors. Creating a perfect WordPress site will be easy with these features and excellent customer support.

💵 For $59, you can buy the iDent theme.

Key Features:

  • An interactive revolution slider is available
  • There are an unlimited number of sidebars
  • Various colors are available
  • Updates can be made with a single click
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • An advanced administration panel is available

Random Reviews:

  • It's a good theme, easy to adjust, and has a lot of options.
    Dgtlrose-CanJun 2021
  • It's a good theme, after all!
    oxidianFeb 2022


Rating: 5.00 stars
Sales: 301
Price: $59
Last Updated: 2 August 2021

Dental Clinic Theme

Medical and Dentist WordPress Theme

Suitable for dental practices and hospitals in general, as well as for personal dentist practices, cosmetic dentistry practices, and medical clinics offering dental services in general, the Dental Clinic theme has the flexibility to cater to all kinds of dental procedures and hospitals in general.

With this theme, you can expect to find health and wellness-related products and a wide range of medical supplies and services.

💵 For $49, you can buy the Dental Clinic theme.

Key Features:

  • A customized administration panel is available
  • Valid CSS3 and HTML5 code is available
  • Customer service is available
  • Several custom widgets are available
  • Several Google Fonts are available
  • Customized page backgrounds are available

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks a lot! They are amazingly fast and understand what you said, an important aspect of customer support. I always find that with other support I do not understand what you said. With CMSMASTERS it is not an issue.
    Bdy366Mar 2018


Rating: 4.53 stars
Sales: 1,870
Price: $49
Last Updated: 26 May 2022

Mediron Theme

Dental Medical WordPress Theme

With the Mediron WordPress theme, you can quickly build your website with predefined web elements.

This theme is particularly appealing because it is easy to install, features many different options, and offers a powerful admin panel that allows me to create fantastic websites for our clients.

Using this theme, you can easily create a user-friendly, professional-looking website, as it comes with multiple features. The theme's responsive layout fits perfectly across various devices, such as regular desktop computers, tablets, iPods, iPhones, and small mobile devices.

💵 In exchange for this theme, you will receive free support for 6 months. The Mediron theme costs $39.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with WPML
  • A clean and simple design can be found
  • A fully responsive design is available
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • You have a wide variety of theme options
  • Compatible with most browsers

Random Reviews:


    Sales: 6
    Price: $39
    Last Updated: 6 April 2022

    Dentro Theme

    Dental Medical WordPress Theme

    Designed for dental clinic websites, Dentro allows you to quickly build your own website. This WordPress theme provides customization capabilities and access to a powerful admin area, enabling you to create a unique website within minutes.

    In addition, several other features are available, such as the capability of creating a professional-looking website with beautiful images.

    The theme's responsive layout fits perfectly across various devices, such as regular desktop computers, tablets, iPods, iPhones, and small mobile devices.

    💵 This advanced and fully documented template is only $59!

    Key Features:

    • Compatible with WooCommerce
    • Ready for WPML
    • A clean and simple design can be found
    • A fully responsive layout is available
    • Powerful theme options are available
    • Compatible with all major browsers

    Random Reviews:

    • I would thank Ismail for his patience and great support in theme installation and I would recommend you all this company and this theme Thanks
      ferassandySep 2019
    • Your support was much appreciated when I needed it
      cristiane1309Apr 2020


    Rating: 5.00 stars
    Sales: 80
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 4 June 2021

    Denta Theme

    Dental Clinic WordPress Theme

    You can easily create a unique dental website using the Denta theme. It is bursting with great features that help you create a professional website that you can edit and maintain, regardless of your website design experience level.

    Using it in various ways can make it sound like a website for promoting dental services and highlighting the skills of a given dentist.

    It comes with many custom widgets that allow the theme to manage content and social networks. For example, the theme enables users to integrate social networks within the theme.

    💵 This is an advanced theme that costs $59 each.

    Key Features:

    • Several custom widgets are available
    • There are more than 99 custom shortcodes available
    • Several Google Fonts are available
    • A responsive design is available
    • Customized backgrounds are available
    • You can choose from an unlimited number of colors

    Random Reviews:

    • The customer service is great and fast. I appreciate it very much.
      KliivrandAug 2021
    • A truly awful customer service representative and one of the rudest I have ever encountered.
      jaitkenphotoJul 2018


    Rating: 4.00 stars
    Sales: 244
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 26 May 2022

    ProDent Theme

    Dental Clinic & Healthcare Doctor WordPress Theme

    Ideally suited for hospitals and health care projects, the ProDent WordPress theme offers exceptional functionality. It is highly responsive, including clinics, dental offices, dentists, ambulances, nursing homes, and hospitals.

    Furthermore, this theme applies to medical shops, hospice clinics, hospitals, convalescent homes, and the beauty and health industries, such as dermatology clinics, cosmetology, hair styling, nail care, and plastic surgery.

    Apart from this, the theme is compatible with WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor Page Builder, so it can be used more effectively with content within the theme.

    💵 Get this inventive template for just $59!

    Key Features:

    • There is an interactive Ajax Search available
    • Developed using HTML5 and CSS3
    • Compatible with all major browsers
    • Support is available for retinal images
    • User menus and the main menu are supported
    • A variety of colors and typography are available

    Random Reviews:

    • Patience, competence, and kindness
      MGH-ADVJun 2021
    • Excellent theme and fantastic services
      JaniraSanchezMay 2019


    Rating: 4.95 stars
    Sales: 896
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 23 March 2022

    HealthFlex Theme

    Doctor Medical Clinic & Health WordPress Theme

    The HEALTHFLEX WordPress theme has been designed for doctors and health clinics. This is a medical and health-related theme designed with specific purposes in mind.

    Seven unique demos are available, and they would be appropriate for websites for doctors, medical clinics, health coaches, pharmaceutical companies, dental clinics, hospitals, or any other type of business.

    Considering its wide range of adaptability, it is a suitable choice for any healthcare-related business website.

    💵 This theme costs $59, and it comes with 6 months of free support.

    Key Features:

    • A responsive design is present
    • There is an exceptional degree of flexibility
    • Several powerful page options are available
    • There are infinite color variations available
    • There is an unlimited number of custom sidebars
    • Several Google web fonts are available

    Random Reviews:

    • My experience with this theme has been excellent all the way up until a minor glitch. Me knowing little about the theme, I contacted Plethora Support and they took care of the problem quickly. 5 stars all the way.
      mykokimAug 2019


    Rating: 4.73 stars
    Sales: 4,161
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 2 May 2022

    Dento Theme

    Dental Care WordPress Theme

    Dento is a premium WordPress theme developed specifically for dentists, ENT specialists, hospitals, cosmetic medical facilities, dental clinics, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, beauty clinics, medical companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

    You can quickly build a professional-looking website using the website builder by selecting only the components you require. In this theme, the ability to customize front-end pages using drag-and-drop is always convenient and helpful.

    Several pages are included in this theme, such as Doctors, Specialists, About Us, multiple Testimonials, Blog, and others.

    💵 In the Dento theme, you get All Features + 6 Months of Support + All Offers Plugins + Free Lifetime Updates. It costs $49.

    Key Features:

    • A responsive and retina-ready design is available
    • Translation and WPML ready
    • A variety of typographic options is available
    • Integrated with the Contact form 7
    • A robust framework is in place
    • Compatible with all browsers

    Random Reviews:

    • The team was very prompt in solving my import problem.
      sitewebcraiovaJun 2021
    • My import problem was fixed very quickly by the team. Thank you!
      businesssenseOct 2021


    Rating: 4.65 stars
    Sales: 80
    Price: $49
    Last Updated: 9 February 2022

    Medical Clinic Theme

    Doctor and Hospital Health WordPress Theme

    The Medical Clinic theme is specially designed for physicians and hospitals. It is also appropriate for smaller practices, such as pediatric, dental, and gynecological offices, ambulances, and family doctor practices.

    In addition, the theme comes with all the necessary capabilities for a medical website, making it suitable for use in hospitals, physician practices, dental practices, and other medical facilities.

    The custom administrator panel dramatically enhances the functionality of the original WordPress administrator panel. It allows you to manage your website more efficiently and make the necessary adjustments.

    💵 Medical Clinic is priced at $59, however.

    Key Features:

    • Valid CSS3 and HTML5 code is available
    • Customer service is available
    • There is an unlimited number of menu colors available
    • You can choose between layer sliders and revolution sliders
    • There are custom post types available
    • Page backgrounds can be customized

    Random Reviews:

    • The pricing list for your company is already 6 hours old !!! Help, please! Creating tables is a disaster. Every time there are errors. The tables are moving by themselves. Editing fields is impossible.
      arturbatonAug 2018
    • Using this theme, my client loves the design. Very nice!
      CPKNOct 2019


    Rating: 4.64 stars
    Sales: 2,165
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 25 May 2022

    Dentiq Theme

    Dental & Medical WordPress Theme

    The Dentiq theme is designed specifically for dental practices and medical professionals, so it features a beautiful design and several features that will make your website distinctive and more appealing to visitors.

    A color picker is built into each content's backend, allowing you to customize almost every element of your website. Additionally, the theme is constructed by the best practices for SEO.

    Additionally, several child themes can be easily customized, so you can still design your theme without affecting the central theme.

    💵 Price: $59 for Dentiq theme, which offers: All Features, 6 months of support, All plugins, Free lifetime updates.

    Key Features:

    • Customized typography is available
    • A live preview of the customizer is available
    • Provides complete responsiveness
    • There are numerous options to manage
    • There are additional widgets available
    • Three homepage layouts are available

    Random Reviews:

    • Exceptional design and quality.
      vpetekApr 2020
    • The theme is great, and the support is excellent.
      Geetha13lkJun 2021


    Rating: 5.00 stars
    Sales: 408
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 4 May 2022

    AllSmiles Theme

    Dentist WordPress Theme

    The AllSmiles WordPress theme is specifically designed for dental practices, dental clinics, and anyone else involved in dentistry. It is a simplistic yet elegant theme.

    It offers a variety of templates for the home page and the inner pages that are suitable for any dentist or dental clinic. Elementor Page Builder is included, so this theme gives you all you need to build a professional online presence for your practice.

    💵 $69 is the price of AllSmiles.

    Key Features:

    • A powerful administration interface is available
    • A high level of customization is available
    • No programming knowledge is required
    • Demo content can be imported in one click
    • A large number of different layouts and pages are available
    • Compatible with Elementor page builder

    Random Reviews:


      Sales: 195
      Price: $69
      Last Updated: 3 September 2021

      TruSmile Theme

      Dentist WordPress Theme

      TruSmile is a responsive and retina-ready WordPress theme that can be used to build a stunning website for dental professionals and dental tourists.

      Various flexible homepage templates are provided, enabling you to choose from a broad range of layout options. These layouts may be used for multiple applications, including dental clinics, emergency services, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.

      This theme can be translated into any language, is fully customizable, and integrates with Google Fonts.

      💵 Developed by a powerful author, the TruSmile theme offers auto-updates. It costs .

      Key Features:

      • A customizable mega menu is included
      • Three or more specific home pages are available
      • There are several styles for footers and headers
      • Various colors are available
      • A powerful admin panel based on Redux is available
      • Compatible with Contact Form 7

      Random Reviews:


        Dental Care Theme

        Dentist & Medical WordPress Theme

        The Dental Care WordPress theme is designed specifically for dentists, dental practices, dental clinics, dental hygiene practices, orthodontics, endodontics, health clinics, physicians, practitioners of oral health care, and other medical-related businesses.

        The theme is equipped with a mobile-friendly design powered by Bootstrap 3, which allows it to readily adapt to all types of devices, regardless of screen size.

        It offers a variety of functional and targeted features explicitly tailored to dental practices and medical professionals.

        💵 The cost of Dental Care is $60.

        Key Features:

        • Compatible with WooCommerce
        • Built-in Mega Menu is available
        • Navigation and Page Header Styles are available
        • Compatible with Contact Form 7
        • Custom Dental Icons are available
        • WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress is included

        Random Reviews:

        • Excellent theme and user-friendly. Great value for money.
          halamesJul 2016
        • The best dental template ever. Kudos to the designer. Very impressed.
          anupampsJul 2016


        Rating: 4.65 stars
        Sales: 976
        Price: $60
        Last Updated: 28 May 2022

        OneLife Theme

        Medical HealthCare WordPress Theme

        The OneLife theme provides web design for various medical and doctor sites, including plastic surgery, cosmetic medicine, dental clinics, physicians, cosmetic surgeons, laser treatment centers, dentists, physical therapists, dermatology clinics, and insurers.

        This theme offers four types of blogs: traditional, alternate, and modern. Furthermore, there are five different ways in which the events are listed. Power Elite support ensures that your template is customized according to your preferences.

        💵 For $69, you can get the theme and free support for 6 months.

        Key Features:

        Random Reviews:

        • The support team responds very quickly and provides help with any question, query, or problem you may have, and they are quite fast at solving it too as well as telling you what the problem was and how they resolved it. Excellent support!
          nenapolob95Nov 2019
        • Beautiful theme, very flexible, and great support!
          zataraaFeb 2020


        Rating: 4.88 stars
        Sales: 2,511
        Price: $69
        Last Updated: 22 April 2022

        Medicare Theme

        Doctor, Medical & Healthcare WordPress Theme

        The Medicare healthcare WordPress theme is designed specifically for medical and healthcare companies, featuring a variety of healthcare and medical agencies.

        This theme contains demos for single-doctor practices and multispecialty methods that utilize more than one type of healthcare. Every demo was designed after carefully analyzing the needs of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.

        The theme is designed for simplicity and durability, which means that it is fully responsive and retina-ready.

        💵 The $69 template includes auto-updates and 6 months of support time.

        Key Features:

        • Prepared for translation
        • One-page support service is available
        • Compatible with all major browsers
        • There is a responsive design
        • Various layout options are available
        • There are a variety of colors available

        Random Reviews:

        • This theme is great and the support is really rapid. After a few problems, I contacted the support team who responded within a few hours. Very great people and the site is worth every penny! Spread the word!
          prekiiApr 2021


        Rating: 4.72 stars
        Sales: 6,653
        Price: $69
        Last Updated: 18 May 2022

        Dentist WP Theme

        Dental WordPress Theme

        Dentist WP is a WordPress theme designed for dental practices. It is the ideal solution for dentists, medical professionals, hospitals, veterinarians, and other businesses with similar ideals because it has several unique features and functions.

        Medical practices and commercial healthcare businesses can use this theme, so there are no wrong or right ways to utilize it.

        There are several dentist WordPress themes available, but this one will produce visually stunning websites with an abundance of sliders, images, carousels, and generous footers.

        💵 Dentist WP costs $59 USD.

        Key Features:

        • Includes Visual Composer plugin
        • Consists of the Slider Revolution plugin
        • Designed for retina displays
        • Optimized for search engines
        • Can be translated into multiple languages
        • There are unlimited color options

        Random Reviews:

        • Thank you Radu for being one of the best.
          forsaken1997Feb 2018
        • I appreciate the quick response and the amazing template.
          marakmariaMay 2021


        Rating: 4.92 stars
        Sales: 998
        Price: $59
        Last Updated: 20 May 2022

        FAQs on WordPress Dentist themes.

        Thousands of readers have asked us questions about WordPress templates. Here are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about Dentist WordPress themes.

        Please feel free to ask questions in the comments if you did not receive an answer.

        What theme should I use for my dentist's website?

        We suggest you choose one of the best WordPress themes on this list to launch your dentist's website.

        The publisher theme is one of the best multi-concept WordPress themes on the market, featuring exclusive features like the white label option and migration plugin. For dentist websites, we recommend the Astra theme.

        Does your hosting company support WordPress Dentist websites?

        Select a fantastic host company if you want a great Dentist site, so think big. If you want to host your Dentist's site, then Bluehost is our recommendation.

        My final thoughts on choosing a Dentist WordPress theme

        Also, we've listed some WordPress themes you might want to use. If you wish to expand your site, you can use them.

        For dentist websites, we offer the Publisher template. Publisher templates codebase is written with SEO best practices. It can be integrated with the Yoast and All at once SEO SEO plugins.

        We hope you enjoyed this complete list of the best Dentist WordPress templates.

        We would love to hear from you. Please spread this post on Twitter and Facebook if you enjoyed it.

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