16 Best WordPress Video Magazine Themes 🏅 2022

What if it wasn't so easy to find the best Video Magazine WordPress themes?

⚡ Would you like a quick response? The Publisher theme is a cutting-edge solution that is simple, convenient, and easy to use. It offers more than 100 unique demos, is highly customizable, and is scalable.

During this post, you will discover the best WordPress themes for Video Magazines on the market and recommendations for unique situations. These templates have a robust design and include many features to get the most out of your Video Magazine website.

We also created a template for the video magazine site to summarize these WordPress themes. This template can also be used for websites about video blogs, video galleries, video portfolios, video membership, video background, video production, video streaming, video sharing, or video websites.

This is the handpicked list of the best Video Magazine WordPress themes for 2022:

True Mag Theme

WordPress Theme for Video Magazine

True Mag is a modern and clean WordPress theme for video blogs, portfolios,s, and magazines. This responsive video theme was built with the best UI, UX, and SEO practices.

It is a theme devoted to videos; it offers a variety of video-related options, including video advertising integration, shortcodes for videos, automatic playback, and self-hosted video support.

This theme also features a Smart Content Box and powerful theme options to simplify customizing, making it easier to add customized content and modify it as necessary.

💵 The True Mag template is and offers: All features, six months of support, all offers plugins, and free lifetime updates. It costs $41.

Key Features:

  • Mega menus are supported
  • An advanced search plugin is available for use
  • A wide range of colors is available
  • A video auto-playing feature is available.
  • An auto-play feature for the following videos is available
  • A wide variety of fonts are available

Random Reviews:

  • The developers have created a fantastic theme! So many resources work, so checking YouTube is a must. Congratulations, and I hope that you continue to develop the theme.
    DemetrikDec 2019


Rating: 4.61 stars
Sales: 6,011
Price: $41
Last Updated: 7 February 2022

Vlog Theme

Video Blog & Podcast WordPress Theme

Vlog is a professionally designed theme with an extensive list of videography-oriented features. Videos and articles can be displayed in various ways with the product, making it possible for a video magazine or news website to have highly sophisticated layouts.

This theme is perfect for those who wish to build content-rich websites, whether for blogging, better podcasting, creating video courses, creating video portfolios, or simply sharing viral videos online.

💵 The price of this Vlog template is $59, plus you get six months of free support.

Key Features:

  • You can automatically import videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • The videos in your playlist can be grouped
  • Videos can be automatically thumbnailed
  • There are more than 200 different post layout combinations available
  • There are several Smart and flexible image sizes available
  • The possibility of monetizing your website exists

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent response time to our requests and solutions. Recommended!
    ICMtvDec 2020
  • This team provides incredible support! Thanks, Sasa and Stefan
    beebsbeatJun 2021
  • My favorite theme. It checks all the boxes for me, design-wise. Also, it's beautiful. br /
    floydwrayJan 2022


Rating: 4.94 stars
Sales: 5,699
Price: $59
Last Updated: 17 January 2022

NewsTube Theme

Magazine Blog & Video WordPress Theme

The NewsTube theme is a clean and simple theme for blogs, magazines, and video websites.

This theme comes with several features such as a fully responsive design, retina-ready features, as well as a plethora of other features that will enable you to easily customize the appearance of your video magazine site. It has extensive options for themes that can be adjusted to your liking.

💵 It only costs $38 and includes free support and updates for life.

Key Features:

  • A variety of theme layouts are available
  • A total of nine sliders are available
  • There are four different navigation styles available
  • Seven types of blogs are available
  • Five article styles are available
  • Three separate video styles are available

Random Reviews:

  • FunEasyCool.Com's theme was a no-brainer when it came to selecting a theme.
    xtremefightNov 2017
  • Customer support is terrible. If you want to launch a company with this template, please choose another template. Each time the template has a problem.
    cemmildonMar 2017


Rating: 4.45 stars
Sales: 2,932
Price: $38
Last Updated: 7 February 2022

Netube Theme

Viral Video Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

You can use the Netube theme to create a fantastic video magazine on your WordPress site. Aside from its unlimited layout option, it also comes with dozens of shortcodes, powerful tools, and premium plugins for power and hosting.

The theme update includes advanced video features, including video channels, playlists, ads, and front-end submissions.

In addition to creating a unique layout and fully bootstrap-enabled layouts, this theme supports both YouTube and Vimeo videos. Additionally, it incorporates an article rating system that can be used to identify your most popular articles.

💵 Get all features and preferences displayed, plus six months of free support, for just $59!

Key Features:

  • Layouts are available for 13 categories
  • A total of 27 blocks exist
  • The number of templates for posts is unlimited
  • A wide variety of color schemes are available
  • Google Fonts are available in an unlimited number
  • An advanced drag-and-drop header is available

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks to someone at the help desk for explaining most of what I needed to know. I then asked for his Skype ID, and he has been helping me every step of the way. Giving five stars for the quality of work this theme portrays and for the assistance I have received from ‘Muthukumar.' Thanks again, guys, I hope you all are doing well!
    jameosaAug 2019


Rating: 5.00 stars
Sales: 107
Price: $59
Last Updated: 20 January 2022

VideoMag Theme

Magazine & Video blog WordPress Theme

VideoMag is a WordPress theme that includes video support for personal blogs and news portals that feature video. This theme provides a unique capability of using native WordPress effects and tools to create beautiful layouts.

There is no need for complicated composers, slideshows, or excessive code. Using the WordPress customizer, you can make quick edits to your website since everything required to build your website will be included and available for use throughout the process.

💵 For $49, you'll get six months of support.

Key Features:

  • Smooth and robust performance is observed.
  • A simple and intuitive user interface is available
  • Excellent and practical support is available
  • Developed using Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Demo data can be installed with ease
  • A large number of flexible and helpful custom widgets are available

Random Reviews:

  • I have bought more than 210+ items, and I can say this item has the best support. Thanks so much for your help
    ArndigitalFeb 2018


Rating: 3.00 stars
Sales: 45
Price: $49
Last Updated: 7 December 2019

Magellan Theme

Video News & Reviews Magazine WordPress Theme

In general, the Magellan theme is a video magazine that covers both news and reviews. The homepage is quite elaborate and can be edited via a drag-and-drop interface.

The homepage content blocks consist of various types that can be arranged in many ways to create a layout for your website tailored to the brand.

This theme includes several options that will enable you to display advertising in the header, in the sidebar, in the posts, and at various locations throughout the website.

💵 The integration with this template is easy, and it costs $59.

Key Features:

  • The creation of video news is possible
  • Traffic can be monetized with the Ads System
  • It is possible to integrate with BuddyPress, bbPress, and WooCommerce
  • Different ad types can be displayed in various sizes
  • You can enhance the performance of your review site
  • The script may be inserted into any ad network

Random Reviews:


    Rating: 4.38 stars
    Sales: 398
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 11 October 2020

    Video News Theme

    Magazine & Newspaper WordPress Theme

    Video News is a WordPress magazine/newspaper theme that presents your blog in a new way using its innovative design. This high-quality, WordPress responsive theme is developed with lots of attention to the user's experience.

    As this theme has a responsive design, it will look great on all mobile devices and tablets. Users will find it easy to navigate and use on any device, including mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets.

    💵 Start your WordPress website with the $59 by Video News theme.

    Key Features:

    • Several Font Awesome icons are available
    • Flexible and fully customizable
    • A sticky header is available
    • It is possible to create a custom logo
    • You can drag and drop gallery images
    • Drag and drop modules and widgets are available

    Random Reviews:

    • There is an additional cost of a large number of additions to allocate more than the necessary or other templates because it does not seem to be in line with the current internet development.br>
      ASOUALHAApr 2021
    • Design solution with great features.
      ENGRDESTINYApr 2017


    Rating: 4.42 stars
    Sales: 249
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 25 November 2021

    Plexx Theme

    Portfolio & Video Gallery for Agency and Studio WordPress Theme

    Plexx is a portfolio and video gallery for agencies and studios. The theme does not require any paid plugins to work.

    This theme features beautiful, responsive two-, three-, four-, five-, or six-column layouts with Packery grids and an option to display your latest photos and videos.

    In addition, it has been designed in a clean, modern, multi-purpose design that can be applied to most kinds of websites. It is also highly responsive.

    💵 This template will give you six months of free support when purchasing it for $39.

    Key Features:

    • Various types of menus are available
    • More than 800 fonts are available on Google
    • The setting and customization of typography are available
    • A customizable footer is available with widgets
    • A smooth scrolling function is available
    • A smooth transition is provided on each page

    Random Reviews:

    • Excellent design and excellent customer service! Thanks,
      remyp33Dec 2020
    • A perfect theme for gallery videos. This theme looks amazing
      follerieJun 2020


    Rating: 4.96 stars
    Sales: 1,009
    Price: $39
    Last Updated: 29 April 2022

    Joker Theme

    Photo & Video Portfolio WordPress Theme for Photographers

    The Joker WordPress theme provides photographers and videographers a flexible and customizable experience. You can showcase your work with ease to your visitors and potential customers through the use of different types of layouts.

    Using this theme, you can build a personal or professional portfolio website since it contains all the animations and elements required.

    💵 For $59, you will receive comprehensive documentation and free six-month support.

    Key Features:

    • An amazing preloader and CSS animation are available
    • Compatibility with all major browsers
    • Integrated with WooCommerce
    • Ready for WPML
    • Optimized for retina displays
    • Portfolio and Albums VC elements are available with full customization

    Random Reviews:

    • My favorite theme. So beautiful. Just what I was looking for on the website. Customer service has been fantastic.
      damostkidSep 2021
    • Despite a few early issues, the support team helped in a motivated manner and everything is now running smoothly.
      connykMay 2022

    Rating: 5.00 stars
    Sales: 599
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 10 April 2022

    Aztec Theme

    Video Streaming & Membership WordPress Theme

    The Aztec theme provides features such as video streaming and membership. This theme includes in its purchase price detailed documentation and a range of advanced features, such as an eCommerce Membership Platform, a Video Player, and a Drag & Drop Page Builder.

    The theme comes with a native video player to display local and streaming videos from YouTube and Vimeo. The theme also supports external video and professional audio players and embed codes.

    💵 Free six-month support is available; the price is $69.

    Key Features:

    • Watchlists are available
    • A video rating system is available
    • An advanced search tool is available
    • You may add unlimited seasons and episodes to your videos
    • A responsive layout is available
    • A font adjustment is possible

    Random Reviews:

    • An excellent theme with even better support.
      bjartebNov 2021
    • This theme is perfect. I would strongly recommend purchasing it. The support is superb!
      dangerfeSep 2021

    Rating: 5.00 stars
    Sales: 381
    Price: $69
    Last Updated: 19 April 2022

    907 Theme

    Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme

    The 907 Parallax WordPress theme has numerous options and features that will allow you to use it for various purposes, making it a suitable theme for many users and businesses.

    It comes with 24 demos that can be imported with one click and 135 theme blocks arranged into any type of page you wish within minutes. WooCommerce integration and a contact form make this a cutting-edge theme for WordPress.

    💵 Theme extensible for only $59!

    Key Features:

    • Portfolios can be created in an infinite number
    • There are countless blogs available
    • There are several levels of navigation available
    • You may have an unlimited number of sidebars
    • Several Google Fonts are available
    • It is possible to integrate Contact Form 7

    Random Reviews:

    • The theme I bought years ago is updated with new demos and looks fantastic. The only thing I can't figure out how to do is get the contact 7 form to work.
      domdaviesOct 2021


    Rating: 4.57 stars
    Sales: 13,906
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 31 May 2022

    Pelicula Theme

    Video Production Movie WordPress Theme

    The Pelicula theme is designed specifically for websites dedicated to movies, theatres, films, and websites that produce video content for festivals.

    This theme package offers various templates for movie and film showcases and complete Elementor compatibility. In other words, everything you could ever need for your video production company. Direct your next film masterpiece now.

    It is fully compatible with Elementor and comes with a plugin called Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress, through which responsive content can be created.

    💵 The cost of this well-documented theme is $75.

    Key Features:

    • Parallax effects may be enabled in sections
    • You can choose between 18-page spinner effects
    • A large number of custom shortcodes are available
    • A shortcode exists for movie lists
    • Portfolio list shortcodes are available
    • It is possible to customize the layout of portfolios

    Random Reviews:

    • This is a great theme and works as described. There are many options to customize it, and the design is eye-catching.
      sgrajalFeb 2021
    • I found the template to be well-designed, very well thought out. There are few issues at all, and it has very modern elements. The customer support team did an excellent job.
      ismaeladrianNov 2021


    Rating: 4.14 stars
    Sales: 1,410
    Price: $75
    Last Updated: 2 September 2021

    Streamit Theme

    Video Streaming WordPress Theme

    A powerful and feature-rich WordPress theme for OTT streaming platforms, Streamit allows you to create high-performing media streaming websites with an excellent user experience.

    This theme offers several distinctive features that make it ideal for media streaming sites, for instance, websites that play movies or allow video editing.

    Additionally, this theme provides a user registration feature and a rating list. The admin panel can also add movies and shows to the theme.

    💵 Streamit template price is $59, including All Features + 6 Months of Support + All Plugins + Free Lifetime Updates.

    Key Features:

    • Cross-browser Optimization is available.
    • A unique, clean, and modern design is available.
    • There are beautiful dashboard page designs available
    • The front-end pages are beautiful
    • There are effects associated with hovering
    • Various solutions are available for multi-purpose use

    Random Reviews:

    • Thank you for the fantastic support here…and Streamit is a perfect theme for my WordPress site…
      DonacgreeceSep 2021
    • Style and large format, responsiveness when requesting assistance and consultations.
      bueiffJun 2021


    Rating: 4.73 stars
    Sales: 975
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 13 May 2022

    goWatch Theme

    Video Community & Sharing WordPress Theme

    goWatch is a theme for sharing videos with your friends and participating in video communities. With this theme, you can create a professional website without much difficulty, as the template includes a modern and elegant design.

    The theme offers built-in mega menus, 12-column layouts, custom fields for the contact form, and premium posts, including video, gallery, portfolio, slider, and more, which will help you organize your content effectively.

    💵 This nicely designed template is only $64.

    Key Features:

    • Several sticky sidebars are available.
    • There are several custom widgets available.
    • An option for custom video posts is available
    • Custom posts can be created for galleries
    • Prepared for retina display
    • There are several beautiful options for social sharing

    Random Reviews:

    • Great documentation on setting up the theme. Customer service is fast and kind. I will think of Touchsize for future theme needs. The excellent theme, except for twitch.tv, but customer service said it would be incorporated in the next update.
      gbrum2007Sep 2018


    Rating: 4.73 stars
    Sales: 416
    Price: $64
    Last Updated: 19 January 2022

    VideoPro Theme

    Video WordPress Theme

    The VideoPro theme for WordPress is among the most popular themes for websites containing videos.

    You can build a video-based website with either of these themes, whether you want to develop a game or movie website, an entertainment and news site, or a website related to science. It can handle any type of website that you require.

    You can customize the appearance of all pages on this theme, including their color, text style, background, etc.

    💵 The price of VideoPro templates is $59 each.

    Key Features:

    • A video lightbox is available
    • It is possible to have floating players
    • Video actors are available
    • Video screenshots are available
    • Multiple links are available
    • Supports the social locker

    Random Reviews:

    • In response to Customer Support's help, I upgraded this Theme to four stars in anticipation of finding a solution. I think the theme and data upload are still ‘buggy,' and I hope it gets improved with updates.
      eric766Dec 2020


    Rating: 4.17 stars
    Sales: 5,291
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 7 February 2022

    VidoRev Theme

    Video WordPress Theme

    The VideoRev theme is a responsive WordPress theme that suits videos, movies, news, magazines, and blogs. With a wide variety of powerful video features at your disposal, it will allow you to enjoy video in a whole new way.

    As well as the ability to select video content from a drop-down menu, this plugin allows you to display M3U8 HLS video content on your website. Additionally, visitors can view a trailer upon accessing your site's premium content section.

    💵 At $59, you can purchase this excellent theme.

    Key Features:

    Random Reviews:

    • A developer's response time is quick, and I appreciate his assistance on some issues I had. One of the best support I've received in a long time.
      chrisgloryJun 2021
    • The theme has colossal functionality and is recommended for any video website. Customer support is excellent and knowledgeable. The theme is fantastic.
      rajia1232Sep 2021


    Rating: 4.86 stars
    Sales: 2,716
    Price: $59
    Last Updated: 15 January 2022

    Themes relevant to WordPress Video Magazine.

    Please find below the most frequently asked questions we provide to visitors regarding Video Magazine WordPress themes.

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    Which are the best WordPress templates for video magazine websites?

    Here, a list of the best Video Magazine themes for WordPress can be found if you need one.

    For a good site, we recommend the Publisher theme. For video magazines, we recommend Astra.

    What is the best WordPress hosting for video magazines?

    Choosing a good host is imperative because it can significantly impact your website. Bluehost is a modern host compatible with any WordPress site, including Video Magazine sites. Check out our Bluehost review.

    In conclusion, let us state

    This post examined several progressive, responsive, and valuable WordPress Video Magazine themes. Anyone with a site can use these themes to assemble it.

    Our theme recommendation for Video Magazine design is the Publisher theme. The Publisher theme is highly optimized, making it one of the best themes ever. Lastly, this theme integrates a lot of plugins.

    We hope you enjoyed our collection.

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