15 Best WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

Despite being user-friendly, running a WordPress website is not easy for everyone. Although it comes with features and tools that can simplify everything for you. However, when it comes down to maintenance it requires the right knowledge and enough time to take care of everything.

If you are a WordPress website owner, you know best that ignoring maintenance services is a bad idea for your website. Because your website may be hacked or there may be malware infecting your data and you wouldn’t notice that until you run maintenance on your website.

Luckily, there are businesses that focus on WordPress maintenance and support services. In this article, we would like to introduce some of the best WordPress support agencies out there.

1. WP Tech Support

WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

The first WordPress maintenance and support service on our list is WP Tech Support. This website is very popular in the WordPress community and it is perfect for those website owners who are extremely busy managing their website and they would rather spend the time they had on their business.

WP Tech Support provides you with a customized portal where you can use to submit your support ticket, weekly reports, and even manage your WordPress care service. Thanks to the WordPress website management they offer, you don’t have to worry about your website, your WordPress website will run smoothly without any problems.

Another advantage of WP Tech Support is its weekly WordPress core updates as well as themes and plugins. Having your tools updated at all times is a must. By doing so, you won’t leave behind any loopholes for malware and hackers.

When you are busy focusing on the business aspect of your website, this WordPress update service company can take care of your website’s maintenance and eliminate any loopholes that hackers may use to gain access to your website.

WP Tech Support comes with a variety of plans and their pro plan comes with a dedicated hour that will be spent on your website’s improvement. Their WordPress maintenance contract begins at only $25 a month which is a great investment towards your website’s security.

2. WP Buffs

WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

WP Buffs is the next WordPress emergency support on our list. WP Buffs is a dedicated platform for site owners who are serious about taking care of their WordPress websites. WP Buffs comes with 24/7 support.

By Purchasing their services you get access to iThemes Security plugin which is one of the best security plugins in the WordPress repository. This plugin can protect your website from spam and malware. In addition, it is integrated with the WP Rocket plugin which is a great cache plugin. As you probably know, having a cache plugin installed on your website can make your website load incredibly fast.

Moreover, you can get a full backup of your website and upload it to a cloud service. In case, your website crashes and you lose your data. WP Buffs don’t limit their services to small websites or blogs, they also take care of big websites even WooCommerce stores with hundreds of products.

Furthermore, WP Buffs provides you with weekly reports of all the changes and updates they have done to your plugins and themes. This update shows you that your website is running smoothly or not. Their services can be purchased for $50 a month. This WordPress maintenance and support service is perfect for all types of websites.

3. Vepp

WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

Vepp WordPress care service has created a friendly interface that can be used to maintain a website as well as its hosting at the same time without having any coding knowledge. With this interface, you can migrate your website without having to worry about its speed and security performance.

The friendly interface Vepp WordPress maintenance and support offers can be used to revert your settings, connect to your VPS, cloud, etc. with a simple click. In addition, Vepp provides you with services that can be used to launch your website, assign SSL, install themes without having to touch any a line of code, or manually doing everything.

Also, they can scan your whole website with ImunifyAV. If the tool finds any threats you can get rid of them automatically. Besides, Vepp automatically gets a full backup of your website that can be saved to your computer or uploaded directly to your Google Drive. This backup can then be used to restore your website if anything goes wrong with it.

4. Fixmysite

WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

If you are looking for a quick fix to an issue that you are experiencing, we recommend Fixmysite. Fixmysite is WordPress emergency support. This website offers a wide range of support and their helpful and friendly team of experts can take care of your issue in only a few hours.

Everything you need to be doing to hire Fixmysite experts is to open a ticket on their website and give them a detailed explanation about your issue and what type of help you are looking for. They can take care of anything, from adding simple social icons to your header to migration, speed optimization, malware removal, site audit, WordPress installation, theme errors, and customization.

After submitting your ticket, their team will look at your request and get back to you and inform which plan you should be getting to take care of the issue. Before you realize, this WordPress maintenance and support service will get the task done.

5. WP Site Care

WP Site Care started working as a WordPress service provider in 2012. This website’s main purpose is to make life easier for bloggers and business owners who use WordPress for their websites. The way of approaching problems is different when it comes down to WP Site Care.

First, they look at your faulty codes and plugins to look for any issues, then, they move forward with hosting services that you use as well as any ad networks that you may be running on your website. They also look for any glitches on your website and eliminate them to increase your website’s speed and performance.

In addition, when they are scanning your website, they make sure that your WordPress site is fully compatible and SEO friendly so that Google Bots can read your content and rank your website easily. WP Site Care also gets a full backup of your website in real-time and uploads them to the Amazon cloud.

They offer different plans but if you are looking for a complete plan, that includes, site care optimization, site boost, uptime monitoring, WooCommerce support, and most importantly security audit, you will have to pay $299 per month if you purchase the annual plan.

To hire them, you will have to submit a ticket on their website and they usually get back to you within an hour of submitting the ticket.

6. WP Butler

WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

The WP Butler is another great WordPress maintenance and support service provider that takes care of your website’s meticulously. There is a set of packages that you can choose from. Although, if you are only looking for a specific service you can pick them from the list of services they offer and add them to your cart and pay for them.

Some of the services they offer are HTTPS configuration, child-theme creation, speed improvement, site transfer, security audit, etc. Although if you are looking to hire them on a monthly basis, you can purchase one of their plans. Their cheapest plan starts at $39 per month which is one affordable and a good investment towards the security and health of your WordPress website.

7. Maintainn

WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

The next WordPress website management company on our list is Maintainn. This website can help you with the basic maintenance of your WordPress website without you having to worry about the issues that occurred on your website.

Maintainn offers 24/7 security monitoring of your website and will handle any malware or hackers who try to gain access to your website. They also do daily backups offsite so that your hosting space won’t go to waste. Also, it comes with weekly updates for your activated plugins, theme and core WordPress files.

Moreover, there is a high tier called Bulk Hours which essentially means you can hire a developer to add a custom feature or troubleshoot a specific issue. Additionally, it doesn’t matter that you are on a specific plan, you can always purchase the Bulk Hours and have a specific issue fixed.

8. GoDaddy

WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

GoDaddy isn’t a specific WordPress maintenance and support service provider, they mainly focus on hosting. However, they have a WordPress premium support that you can hire and have your WordPress issues fixed.

You can say they are a WordPress support agency because they won’t help with basic tasks such as updates for your plugins and themes. GoDaddy can for sure help you with database management, theme modifications, URL redirects, etc. Also, if you are afraid of losing your data, before doing any task, they get a full backup of your website, in case anything goes wrong, so they can restore it back to normal.

GoDaddy uses a unique credit system for the support services that they offer. Each task you would like their experts to do will cost you one credit. For example, if the problem you have requires more time and effort it will cost you additional credits.

Although the credits are a bit pricey compared to other WordPress maintenance and service providers on our list. One credit costs $49.99 and the credits aren’t rolled over to the next month. Thus, you will have to spend them before the time is up, or purchase them whenever you have an issue with your WordPress website.

9. Valet

WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

The next WordPress support agency on our list is Valet. The company was launched in the USA back in 2011. Valet’s plan starts at $69 a month and it supports daily website backups and updated on Cloudflare. In addition, Valet experts update your WordPress plugins, themes, and core files.

Valet experts go through your website and update everything manually and won’t use any cron jobs to automate updates. In addition to these services, their plan also includes uptime monitoring and security scanning to ensure that there aren’t any issues with your WordPress website.

Valet WordPress service provider’s basic plan is suitable for websites that have lesser than 10,000 visitors a month, and their professional plan is perfect for a website with more than 10,000 and less than 100,000 visitors a month.

Their basic plan starts at $300 and comes with 2 hours of support per month. However, if you have a WooCommerce website they recommend their professional plan that costs $750 a month and includes 5 hours of dedicated support per month.

They’re most elite plan is Elite plan which includes over 10 hours of support every month and it was designed specifically for big companies that need help with marketing and IT but they don’t want to go through the trouble of hiring another staff member.

You can also hire this WordPress maintenance and support service for consultations which is available at only $175 a month.

10. Newt Labs

WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

Newt Labs is yet another WordPress maintenance and support service provider. They are focused on WordPress backups, updates, scanning, and cleanups as well as security. Newt Labs are based in the UK and work with many big established companies as well as customers around the world.

Their maintenance and support plans start at only $72 a month. However, if you are looking for a WordPress emergency care they offer that. However, it comes with a cost of over $90. Their plan includes live chat and email support, WordPress updates, daily backups to a cloud server as well as unlimited small website fixes which is important for most users who are experiencing a lot of issues with their website.

In addition, some of their plans come with dedicated cloud hosting that has two core CPU, 80GB SSD, 4GB memory, and 4TB of bandwidth that can be used for your backups or anything else that you may think is required for your business.

Newt Labs is also integrated with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates as well as Cloudflare. Also, the other services they offer are uptime monitoring, website staging, image optimization, website performance. Also, the WP Smush Pro plugin is also provided with the premium plan.

Their most expensive plan is protection which is over $295 per month and it also includes a dedicated cloud hosting server. In this plan, backups are performed automatically by the team of experts who look after your website and will be uploaded to the dedicated cloud server given to you.

Moreover, this plan comes with Cloudproxy firewall by Sucuri as well as iThemes Security Pro and WP Migrate DB Pro. In addition, customers who have purchased this plan will receive an urgent tag on their tickets.

11. GoWP

WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

GoWP considers themselves as a WordPress maintenance and supports service provider. Their plans include update management, backups, security scans as well as malware cleanup, 24/7 support as well as other crucial services that you need.

As soon as you hire GoWP you will get a dashboard where you can monitor your tasks. GoWP also offers content edits. Their pro plan comes with unlimited content edit as well as access to their team of WordPress experts so you can contact them directly should you face a problem.

However, the basic plan is more than enough for most people who have recently launched a website which starts at $29 a month. Although the catch is, you cannot get in touch with the support team and you may have to submit a ticket and wait to get a reply back from them.

If you would like to purchase the pro plan and have a direct line of communication with their experts you need to pay $79 a month.

12. WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer is a premium WordPress maintenance and support provider. Their support includes plugin, theme, and WordPress core file updates as well as regular backups of your website. WP Maintainer’s team also installs the Sucuri Security tool on your website and they can take care of your site customization with their team of skilled developers.

All of these services are available for $99 a month. Although the catch is that they cost $99 per hour for any modifications and development to your WordPress website. That being said, WP Maintainer isn’t for everybody, it is specifically for people who would like to have extensive customization done on their website. Other WordPress maintenance and support provider mentioned on our list only offer 2-5 hours per month.

However, WP Maintainer experts can be hired hourly based and based on your needs.

13. WP Tangerine

WP Tangerine is a well known WordPress website management service provider. Other than taking care of regular maintenance you can also submit a ticket and ask their team of experts to take care of specific tasks such as installing new themes, plugins, or features on your website.

Their packages start at only $147 per month. The services WP Tangerine offers are unlimited WordPress troubleshooting, SEO and speed optimizations, and website migration. The services this company offers is suitable for anyone who needs help but cannot hire a dedicated team of people.

Keep in mind, each WordPress task that you would like WP Tangerine to take care of is taken care of an hour at a time or a maximum of two hours if you updated your account to the Pro Plus Plan.

14. Total WP Support

If you are running a medium-sized WordPress theme and looking for a reasonably priced WordPress care service, we recommend Total WP Support. Total WP Support can take care of your WordPress backups, update monitoring, hack cleanups, malware removal, updates for your themes, plugins and core files.

The prices of Total WP Support starts at $49 per month. If you are running an e-commerce website with WooCommerce you will have to pay an additional $60 per month. As mentioned above, Total WP Support is designed specifically for smaller sites, especially for websites who have a local store.

If on the other hand, you are running a big website with a lot of traffic, we recommend other WordPress maintenance and support services.

15. WP SitePlan

Another WordPress maintenance and support service provider that can handle your daily backups, database optimization, constant malware scans, and WordPress updates, then WP SitePlan could be the right solution for you. If you have ever spent hours and hours each day updating your WordPress themes, plugins, and core files, then it’s smart to invest in WP SitePlan.

WP SitePlan experts can be hired at only $29 per month which makes WP SitePlan the most budget-friendly WordPress support agency on our list. You can even save more by purchasing the annual plan they offer instead of paying monthly.

If you go for the highest plan they offer, you will get access to extra WordPress management services such as content edits, performance monitoring, etc.


In this article, we introduced the top 15 WordPress maintenance and support services that you can hire to take care of your WordPress’ daily tasks such as backups, updates, customizations, etc.

By hiring a company that offers these services you can leave your maintenance tasks in the hands of WordPress experts and as the website owner, you can focus on the business aspect of your website and start building your brand and publish daily content.

In our previous article, we introduce the top 10 WordPress page builders for 2020. Page builders are tools that you can use to customize your website without knowing any programming language or touch a single line of code.

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