14 Best WordPress Viral Magazine Themes 🥇2022

How do you find the best WordPress themes for Viral Magazine sites in 2022?

⚡ Are you looking for an answer quickly? Using the Publisher theme is an excellent solution that is both convenient and easy to use. It offers over 100 unique demos and is highly customizable and highly scalable.

We reviewed hundreds of themes and chose the best WordPress themes for Viral Magazines. Each WordPress theme we are showing you below has unique features and capabilities that are even better than some premium themes.

Also, these themes can be used for Viral blogs, Viral News, Irreverent Viral Magazine, Viral Newspaper, Viral Marketing Blog, Viral Multipurpose, Buzz News, and Viral websites.

The following is the collection of best WordPress Viral Magazine themes for 2022:

Bimber Theme

Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

Bimber is a viral theme that allows you to create a fully functional site within 24 hours and an interactive website.

There is a powerful sharing function, hot and trending listings, and multiple ad placement options, all of which are easy to use and lightweight. You can start immediately, and it will soon go viral.

The theme was heavily inspired by BuzzFeed and several other websites that generate buzz and thus allow users to view all features in one place.

💵 You will get six months of free support from this team. This theme will cost you $59.

Key Features:

  • A variety of Affiliate marketing tools are available
  • Fake counters are available for viral newbies
  • A viral image editor exists
  • Viral content is presented in a paginated format
  • You will find sponsored articles
  • Several coupons are available

Random Reviews:

  • An excellent theme with perfect installation and configuration guidance and very efficient technical support.
    leosonic256May 2022
  • Very good theme which is constantly updated. A professional team!
    jus2pomMay 2022


Rating: 4.87 stars
Sales: 17,001
Price: $59
Last Updated: 4 January 2022

BoomBox Theme

Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

The BoomBox theme is this year's leading viral marketing tool. The template combines a stunning design and highly customizable layout with a plentiful supply of viral snacks, gadgets, and features to make it the ultimate viral marketing tool.

It is possible to distribute the news, listicles, polls, and quizzes to your social networks; to trend; to analyze comments, likes, and downvotes; and to monetize the blogs with a wide range of advertising options.

💵 A BoomBox template provides auto-updates for your website and costs $59 per month.

Key Features:

  • The layouts are either full-width or boxed.
  • Two-layer header layouts are available with unlimited variations in behavior.
  • There is a two-layer footer with three widget areas
  • You can create any badge with over 600 icons
  • Video and audio formats are available
  • You will find clear call-to-action buttons

Random Reviews:

  • This theme is excellent in every respect. It can be easily customized to your liking, and its plugins are also excellent. I recommend you try it out.
    lbomobtilJun 2021
  • My seller responded to my inquiries promptly. BestKnownHost will undoubtedly work with this seller again in the future if needed for a client's website.
    netoozeJun 2021


Rating: 4.87 stars
Sales: 6,342
Price: $59
Last Updated: 6 April 2022

Weltgeist Theme

Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

This viral magazine theme, Weltgeist, is perfect for modern magazines and blogs. It has a compelling alternative vibe and a contemporary look evoking viral growth.

With this theme, you can customize your post blocks, layouts, and placement of advertising banners and text. You will also have access to a host of other features.

If you plan on creating a modern and fresh publication, this theme is for a blog or a magazine; this theme is for you.

💵 You can obtain the Weltgeist theme for $79 and have a custom-designed website that looks like no other.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with the Elementor page builder plugin
  • There is the Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress plugin
  • A large number of custom shortcodes are available
  • The shortcode for a blog list is available
  • A total of six predesigned homepages are available
  • There are several practical inner pages

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent Theme, a bit slow at first, but with a few Performance Enhancement Plugins, it gets good load times
    dlnkrgSep 2021
  • An excellent theme. Needs to be enhanced a little, but the design is beautiful and the support is great. Thank you
    TwinsenMar 2021


Rating: 4.50 stars
Sales: 270
Price: $79
Last Updated: 2 September 2021

King Theme

Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

The King viral magazine WordPress theme includes features allowing users to submit news, videos, images, lists, polls, and trivia quizzes.

This theme allows users to create their profile pages, follow other users, share ads, add listings, customize their advertising environments, and more.

A theme such as this one has many features that provide you with the opportunity to construct a website of greater interactivity.

💵 When you buy this theme for $59, you will receive six months of free support.

Key Features:

  • A viral user profile exists.
  • It is possible to submit a submission to the viral front-end
  • Comments and reactions are available
  • It is possible to edit posts on the front-end
  • The translation process is easy
  • Several user groups exist

Random Reviews:

  • It works well along with the additional features I expected from a theme of this quality, and the support has been excellent, having fixed a bug in my site's installation in no time with the direct help of my site's admin panel.
    edupinFeb 2021


Rating: 4.93 stars
Sales: 1,001
Price: $59
Last Updated: 13 January 2022

Stoked! Theme

Irreverent Viral Magazine Personal Blog WordPress Theme

As an irreverent viral magazine and personal blog WordPress theme, Stoked! is designed to catch visitors' attention with its clever design, making it suitable for viral content.

It includes feedback, which offers an exciting way of engaging visitors based on what they've previously shared on the site.

Moreover, you can establish a community and save time you would otherwise spend searching for viral content. Here, you can access reactions to any post to develop a sense of community.

💵 You can get six months of support time with a purchase of only $49 of the theme.

Key Features:

  • There is support for Google AMP
  • Facebook instant articles are supported
  • Using Bootstrap 4 in a fully responsive manner
  • A valid HTML5 is available
  • Optimized for search engines
  • A speed-oriented approach is available

Random Reviews:

  • There are no theme settings, but it's fast.
    zangessJun 2020
  • This theme seems very contemporary. Look and feel are very professional, so it appears ready for production. 5/5 Great job!
    kansascityJun 2018


Rating: 5.00 stars
Sales: 196
Price: $49
Last Updated: 27 July 2020

Vast Buzz Theme

Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

The Vast Buzz theme lets you easily create a list, meme, quiz, poll, video, audio, and image news. In addition to video, audio, and image news, you can easily create a list, meme, quiz, and poll news.

This viral magazine theme is very configurable and offers a variety of tools, and is simple, easy to use, quick to install, and versatile.

The theme includes a variety of home page and header variations, as well as an easy-to-use admin panel. The admin panel's flexibility and power allow you to design the home page as desired.

💵 Vast Buzz is an exceptional template priced at $59.

Key Features:

  • There are multiple header options available
  • There are several styles of posts available
  • The Ajax post-load feature is available
  • Suitable for widgets
  • Three different widget areas are available
  • There is an area dedicated to multiple advertisements

Random Reviews:

  • The customer service is excellent, and the themes are working smoothly.
    scarfo4424May 2019
  • The product and service are both excellent. I would buy again for any project.
    Name123L3ODec 2017


Rating: 3.71 stars
Sales: 139
Price: $59
Last Updated: 9 November 2021


Modern Magazine & Newspaper Viral WordPress Theme

A dynamic and modern WordPress theme, PRESSO enables you to easily incorporate it into editorials, blogs, magazines, and viral websites.

With this theme, you can create a fast and easy website that will instantly become popular. A significant advantage of this theme is that it includes a built-in page builder, which helps you design the layouts of your pages according to your needs.

Having the software installed quickly will save you hours, which you can use to create viral content.

💵 You can purchase this user-friendly theme for $45.

Key Features:

  • Prepared for translation
  • WordPress 5 compatibility
  • Installation is straightforward
  • There is a responsive design and mobile-friendly layout
  • Some Graphics are ultra-sharp and of high resolution
  • There are more than 1,600 icons available from FontAwesome

Random Reviews:

  • I was contacted promptly, and a new feature I requested was implemented immediately. Great theme, great design. Nice!
    cjfoxJan 2018
  • I love the theme. It is an easy-to-setup and customize theme that doesn't require you to know coding. I love how it turned out.
    carlpruneauAug 2016


Rating: 4.70 stars
Sales: 3,021
Price: $45
Last Updated: 18 May 2021

BuzzMag Theme

Viral News & Magazine Blog WordPress Theme

With the BuzzMag theme, you have the opportunity to create an influential viral news blog or magazine for WordPress, thanks to the combination of advanced functionality and simplicity in its design.

Its powerful live preview facility, post formats, different layouts, trending posts, AJAX “load more” pagination, infinite scroll, and many other features make it possible to launch this site without coding skills.

It allows you to build an online store with WooCommerce, manage your mailing list with MailChimp, and monetize your site using Google AdSense or any other ad program.

💵 The template was written by a professional and costs $49.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.9 and greater
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce version 6.2 or greater
  • A responsive design is in place
  • Compatible with retina displays
  • An optional dark mode is available
  • There are fixed headers

Random Reviews:

  • This is a cool theme! Thanks!
    voeykovaleksandrSep 2017
  • It's perfect, excellent service, and I love the theme
    weigandtstudiosNov 2017
  • I love this template. It's perfect for my needs!
    LumexApr 2019


Rating: 4.88 stars
Sales: 212
Price: $49
Last Updated: 28 February 2022

Saxon Theme

Viral Content Blog & Magazine Marketing WordPress Theme

Saxon is a beautifully designed, sleek, elegant, and responsive WordPress theme that may be used for creating a website or blog for a magazine that deals with viral content.

In addition to being able to design any type of blogging website with ease, the WordPress Customizer also allows you to create unique website homepages by dragging and dropping 27 reusable blocks and changing the layout and design of posts to match your site's style.

💵 Get this basic theme with $59.

Key Features:

  • There is a feature that allows the header to be transparent
  • There are different footer styles and layouts available
  • Footer Shortcodes are available
  • A Featured Posts slider is included in the header
  • A Topline function is available
  • The footer HTML block contains background images and other contents

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you for your patience. Customer support is great.
    ivanleadforceMar 2020
  • This theme stands out regarding code quality, speed, design, and customer support. This theme was designed with professional skills with an open mind. I have seen many other themes, and this is great. Buy it instantly!
    StudioemozionaleDec 2020


Rating: 4.90 stars
Sales: 971
Price: $59
Last Updated: 12 February 2022

ViralWP Theme

Buzz News Blog WordPress Theme

Using ViralWP, a specially designed theme for WordPress, you can make your content go viral on social networks.

Much effort and research have been put into developing this WordPress theme. Most likely, it is the best WordPress theme available out there. It has a lot of features and can easily be customized.

It utilizes the ReduxFramework and is powered by Redux, allowing unlimited color combinations.

💵 Purchasing this package will cost you $32, including All Features + 6 Months of Support + All Plugins + Free Lifetime Updates.

Key Features:

  • Related posts are available
  • There are numerous typographic options available.
  • The logo of the site may be uploaded by you
  • There are five different post formats supported
  • A responsive design is available
  • The Latest Twitter tweets are available

Random Reviews:

  • Support is excellent; great people; good theme; hopefully, we'll cooperate again in the future. Many thanks.
    hakodelpakoMar 2020
  • My expectations were not met. The data XML is not working
    srsuprianaJul 2018


Rating: 3.85 stars
Sales: 182
Price: $32
Last Updated: 14 April 2020

TopNews Theme

News Magazine Newspaper Blog Viral Buzz WordPress Theme

The TopNews theme is clean, minimalistic, visually rich, fast loading, fully customizable, functional, and modern, suitable for newspapers, news blogs, magazines, video websites, and publishing companies.

This minor theme is fully compatible with any screen size, it is responsive, it can accommodate lower and higher-resolution images, and you are also able to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos.

As part of its admin panel, the theme comes with a wide range of homepage options and header variations. It also offers a drag-and-drop page builder that allows users to design creative homepages and a flexible and powerful customization tool.

💵 You will get six months of support for $49 a month.

Key Features:

  • Shortcodes for YouTube and Vimeo video playlists are available
  • Numerous designs are available on the home page.
  • A mega menu is open that can be accessed easily
  • You can include a Custom YouTube or Vimeo video link with every post
  • Three different types of header variations are available
  • There are six different types of menus

Random Reviews:

  • Easy to customize, highly recommended.
    tequisApr 2018
  • Highly recommended for friendly and professional service.
    harishassanJul 2017
  • A great job and terrific technical support!
    nicolashernandezrsfMar 2019


Rating: 4.48 stars
Sales: 570
Price: $49
Last Updated: 25 March 2022

Bazinga Theme

Modern Magazine Viral Blog WordPress Theme

Using the Bazinga WordPress Theme, you can create colorful, refined, attractive, and trendy blogs. The theme includes three homepages, several blog layout options, such as Chess, Classic, Portfolio, and more, and two social media feeds, custom widgets, and shortcodes.

With full WooCommerce support and appropriate shop designs, this theme is an excellent option for viral magazines that want to sell items online through their websites. If you sell items through your website, then this theme provides full WooCommerce integration.

💵 365/24/7, you can contact the support team. When purchasing the theme, you get six months of free support with the $59 plan.

Key Features:

  • An interactive Ajax search is available
  • Coded using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Supports cross-browser use
  • Swiper Slider is included
  • Retina images are supported
  • User menus and main menus are supported

Random Reviews:

  • Amazing theme! Very clean and modern design. I'm so glad I found it. I'm also impressed with the support. Highly recommended.
    DorelMLJan 2022
  • Beautiful theme and excellent development. The support is prompt whenever needed. Keep up the good work.
    designtheoryeuNov 2018


Rating: 5.00 stars
Sales: 221
Price: $59
Last Updated: 22 January 2022

Click Mag Theme

Viral WordPress News Magazine Blog Theme

With Click Mag, creating a thriving magazine/blog site has never been easier! You can maximize clicks and grab visitors' attention again and again with this powerful viral theme.

The theme has a very flexible design, trending posts, maximum exposure for your ads, SEO optimization, and a beautiful appearance. It can give your users the most effective experience and the most number of clicks.

Featured images can easily be replaced in a post with videos or audio embedded from video and audio sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

💵 There is a $35 charge.

Key Features:

Random Reviews:

  • A truly unique theme with professional and prompt customer service.
    byAssemblageMar 2020
  • The right amount of features without being bloated. Just what I needed for my sneaker blog.
    CatigbeAug 2020


Rating: 4.55 stars
Sales: 2,192
Price: $35
Last Updated: 5 January 2022

Buzz Stone Theme

Magazine Viral Blog WordPress Theme

Buzz Stone is a colorful, refined, attractive, and trendy WordPress blog theme. This viral WordPress theme comes with ten unique homepages and several unique post layouts, such as chess, classic, portfolio, etc., currently, Instagram feed support, custom widgets, and shortcodes.

The theme is easy to update and comes with one-click installation, widget support, and shortcodes. You can personalize it the way you want if you wish to sell items through your site. WooCommerce is also supported.

💵 The Buzz Stone template costs $59 and includes many other services.

Key Features:

  • A modern, flexible, and customizable design is available
  • Tested and approved for WordPress 4.0+
  • Developed using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Compatible with all major web browsers
  • Swiper slider and slider revolution included
  • Retina images are supported

Random Reviews:

  • A flexible theme. I like there are so many options for customization. A bit of a learning curve, but that is good too!
    94i24e8kAug 2019
  • The premium theme has many customization options, good support, and quick responses. Well done!
    cancaonovafrApr 2021


Rating: 4.82 stars
Sales: 257
Price: $59
Last Updated: 26 November 2021

FAQs on Best WordPress Viral Magazine Themes.

Here are some commonly asked questions about WordPress Viral Magazine themes that may be of assistance.

Those questions you already know the answers to can be skipped.

Are there any Viral Magazine themes we would recommend to others?

Our list of the best Viral Magazine templates for WordPress describes each theme.

Our first recommendation for a Viral Magazine site is the Publisher theme. We advise the Astra theme for Viral Magazine websites for the second set.

What are the best WordPress hosting providers for Viral Magazine sites?

A good host provider can be a difficult and time-consuming task, so make sure you choose one perfectly. Bluehost is a great host that works well with any WordPress site, including Viral Magazines. See our review of Bluehost on our site!


The creation of great websites is now easy. In this post, we look at the best WordPress Viral Magazine themes. You can make a big difference by using these templates. They will help you.

It is an extraordinarily mobile-friendly and retina-ready Viral Magazine WordPress theme. Publisher gives you everything you could ever dream of in a multi-purpose WordPress theme.

I hope you enjoyed the top Viral Magazine WordPress themes.

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